Katherine Cheng-Arif’s Debut children’s book Jade’s Food for Thought: Delicious Discoveries through Diversity promotes the wonders of distinctiveness and cultural appreciation

May 01 21:42 2023
Katherine Cheng-Arif Shares Personal Journey of Embracing Differences and Celebrating Culture in Debut Book
The author used personal experiences to write the book for underrepresented individuals. The book launch will take place at Signature Manor 6968 Howell Sugar Land Rd Houston, TX 77083 United States on Saturday, May 20 · 11am – 2pm CDT

Houston, Texas – Renowned author Katherine Cheng -Arif has recently released their debut book, captivating readers with a heartfelt tale of self-discovery, cultural pride, and embracing differences. In a recent interview, Katherine revealed the origins of their interest in writing and the driving force behind the creation of this inspiring literary work.


Reflecting on their childhood, Katherine shared how books played a transformative role in their life from an early age. As a child in elementary school, the magic of books transported them to unexplored realms, igniting their imagination and curiosity. This fascination with storytelling planted the seeds of a deep-rooted passion for writing.

However, it was a poignant personal experience that truly catalyzed the writing journey that led to Katherine’s debut book. Recalling their time in 3rd grade, Katherine vividly recounted the challenges they faced with their lunchbox. The unique, lovingly prepared sushi made by their mother sparked ridicule and misunderstanding among classmates, causing feelings of shame and isolation.

The hurtful comments and actions of their peers became a turning point for her. Determined to create a positive change and empower children to embrace their own identities and cultural diversity, they embarked on writing this book. Through their compelling storytelling, Katherine seeks to instill in young readers the belief that being different should be celebrated, and that exploring diverse cuisines and traditions adds richness and flavor to our lives.


In sharing their personal journey of resilience and self-acceptance, Katherine Cheng-Arif hopes to make a lasting impact on children facing similar challenges. They expressed that if this book can inspire just one child to feel proud and brave enough to share their food and culture, the entire writing process will have been immensely worthwhile.

“Jade’s Food for Thought” is now available in BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon, and Kindle nationwide, offering a poignant and empowering narrative that will captivate readers of all ages. Not only that but all proceeds of the book sales goes directly back to donating books to libraries and low income schools. Through this remarkable debut, Katherine Cheng-Arif has cemented their place as a talented author and a champion of cultural understanding and inclusivity.

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