Happy Agent.io: The CRM and Sales System Created by Insurance Industry Leaders

April 29 00:27 2023
The last crm any insurance agent will ever need.

After working with thousands of insurance agents, the trusted Insurance lead source, Happy Agent Leads knew their job was incomplete. They wanted to better facilitate the sales of agents struggling to keep up with what is required to truly close the gap between cold lead and sale.

“Leads are only half of the equation,” says Abby Morgan, one of the founders. “Agents are just spinning their wheels, doing everything themselves and not getting ahead. We knew we had to create something that would help them streamline their processes, as well as close more deals utilizing the magic of technology and automation.”

After working in the industry for years, Happy Agent knows every challenge faced by insurance agents, so they worked tirelessly for an entire year building a solution. That solution is Happy Agent.io, the Rolls Royce of Insurance CRMS.

Whereas most CRMs are generic and built as a one size all solution, Happy Agent built one specifically for the workflows and specific use cases of Insurance Agents that would boost their sales and productivity. They also set out to make it extremely user friendly and easy to plug right into right away, without having to spend days, weeks, or months figuring it out on their own. Their system not only makes it a breeze to organize leads with lists, tags, and a drag and drop visual pipeline, but it also brings aspects of sales and marketing that is not an option with other CRMS.

Happy Agent.io’s features are endless, but the core features that insurance agents are finding transformative, are the soft phone capabilities, the power dialer, unlimited funnels, forms, surveys, automated SMS and emails, and Calendars. Before, agents had to pay for at least 3-5 different softwares to achieve the same results- but with more money, more frustration, and wasting MORE time to duct tape it all together, so to speak.

Happy Agent.io saves agents time, increases appointment show up rates, increases productivity, and overall makes life better for its users. “The agents are absolutely blown away at what we have created for them. And they can’t believe how easy it is to use as well,” says Jordan English, one of the founders.

You can find out more information by visiting www.happyagent.io

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