Boutique SEO Services Agency Now Opening To The World

April 27 17:09 2023
For the first time in five years, boutique-style marketing agency Khepri Digital is open to clients worldwide. From its headquarters in Singapore, Khepri Digital has built a presence in four countries.

Khepri Digital Pte. Ltd and Gordon Hwa are pleased to announce that the company has been excelling in performing SEO Services for clients in four countries: Japan, The United States, and Hong Kong. The headquarters of the firm is in Singapore. The agency was launched in 2015 in Singapore, followed by New York and the Tokyo Branch. In 2023, the Hong Kong branch was established. Khepri Digital is a performance marketing brand. It has generated more than USD 200 million in revenue for client companies. The company also delves in PPC Services, specializing also in cutting cost per conversion for their current client base.  

Initially, Khepri Digital was launched by three students looking for a way to pay off their school bills. One of the students was at the University of Tokyo (leading to the Japanese branch). One student was at Columbia University in the United States. The third founder of the agency started the company at age 22. He took a gap year for his business endeavours. Now, just five years later, the business is thriving.

Khepri Digital is a boutique digital marketing service. It focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) and Paid Ads. The deals are designed so that the SEO agency works for free if the company doesn’t reach Page 1 in the SEO results or lower cost-per-conversion on Pay Per Click (PPC)/ Meta Ads.

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Several characteristics are essential in choosing clients. First, businesses must be based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, or the United States and look for a marketing deal focusing on ROI and a performance guarantee. Second, the client must be willing to spend at least USD 2,000 per month on marketing efforts. Third, the business must have enough resources so that we are even able to access resources and opportunities that would get them that Page 1 rank. Finally, the client’s business should be at least a two-year-old company with an annual revenue of at least USD 200k.

Singapore Director, Wendy L, spoke to an interviewer recently, saying, “We believe that the performance of an SEO campaign is only worth as much as its ROI – we want to fix a broken industry. An SEO campaign is only as good as its ROI. Prove that, and you will give your clients the world, and your clients will do the same for us. If we don’t manage to get results for client companies, we will get cut off after one year anyway. So we want to preserve our 98.3% client retention rate since the start of the company.”

About the Company: 

Khepri Digital Pte Ltd offers boutique services to clients in four countries worldwide. Since 2015, the agency has expanded its services with offices in Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan. The firm focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click.

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