Composition of WIFI System – PART ONE Network Topology

April 25 14:54 2023

WiFi can be networked through different network topologies, and its discovery and access networks also includeMy own requirements and steps.WiFi wireless networks include two types of topology: infrastructure andAd hoc network.Two important basic concepts:Station (STA): The most basic component of a network, each connected to wirelessTerminals in the network (such as laptops, PDAs, and other user devices that can be connected to the network)It can be called a site.

Wireless Access Point (AP): The creator and owner of a wireless networkCentral node. The wireless router commonly used in homes or offices only has one AP.AP: Wired and wireless interconnected devices: need to set channels, keys (such as WEP), network protocols (such as DHCP), bridging, etcThe client is desktop, notebook, personal digital assistant and other user equipment.A basic wireless network based on the AP, created by the AP and joined by numerous STAs. The AP is the center of the entire network and cannot communicate directly with each other.

It needs to be forwarded by the AP. Composed of only two or more STAs, there is no AP in the network. Each device spontaneously forms a network, and the devices are peer-to-peer. All STAs in the network can communicate directly without the need for forwarding. Ad hoc mode, also known as peer-to-peer mode, allows a group of computers or mobile devices with wireless capabilities to quickly establish wireless connections for data sharing.Shenzhen Haidiwei Optoelectronics is a professional manufacturer of ONU optical cat equipment and intelligent communication ONU optical cat module.

Our company currently sells various communication equipment with up and down connections, such as fiber optic transceivers, Ethernet switches, OLT optical cat equipment, ONU optical cat equipment, and so on. If you would like to learn more about communication related knowledge, please feel free to contact our company.


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