Arch Bariatrics Helps Patient Shed 155 Lbs. and Achieve Her Fitness Goals

April 20 18:40 2023
Arch Bariatrics Helps Patient Shed 155 Lbs. and Achieve Her Fitness Goals

St. Louis, MO – Arch Bariatrics, a renowned weight loss surgery center, has helped their patient Bethany Wilhelm-Atkins achieve her health and fitness goals. Bethany underwent the gastric sleeve procedure under the expert guidance of Dr. Chinnappan, a renowned surgeon at Arch Bariatrics. Since then, Bethany has lost an incredible 155 lbs. and became an inspiration for many others struggling with obesity.

Before the surgery, Bethany’s weight had significantly impacted her quality of life, leading to health issues and social anxiety. She tried several diets and exercise routines but could not progress significantly.

“The breaking point was when I went to go register to be an organ donor,” commented Bethany. “To be a living organ donor, you have to be under a certain BMI according to your height. I was denied registration because I was severely obese. Knowing that if a loved one needed my help and I couldn’t help because of my weight, that would kill me.”

After thorough research, Bethany chose Arch Bariatrics for her weight loss journey. Though she had to travel from Kentucky to St. Louis, MO, she was delighted with the professionalism and care shown by the staff and Dr. Chinnappan.

Bethany’s experience with Arch Bariatrics has been life changing. After the surgery, she has successfully overcome her addiction to food and now views it as fuel for her body. She also managed to get off her blood pressure and anxiety medications, improving her overall physical and mental health. Moreover, Bethany has completed several athletic events, including full 26.2-mile marathons and triathlons, thanks to her newfound fitness and confidence.

“You don’t realize how much of your mental health is linked to your physical health. I have since been able to get off my blood pressure and anxiety meds.”

According to Bethany, getting the gastric sleeve surgery was not cheating, as some believe.

“Some people think that getting the sleeve is ‘cheating.’ I’m not sure how someone can actually cheat to get healthy,” Bethany stated. “When you were as big as I was, even the slowest walks down the road would leave me hurting for days after. Who wants to do stuff like that if you know it’s going to lead to days of pain? Getting the gastric sleeve done was a steppingstone to help get me to a place where it didn’t physically hurt me to try to walk or be physically active.  I just needed that little bit of help/encouragement to get me through the hurting part of trying to get healthy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing help.”

Dr. Kumaran Chinnappan is a board-certified bariatric surgeon who has practiced in the St. Louis area for over a decade. A repeated recipient of several awards, Dr. Chinnappan is passionate about helping people take back their lives by providing an effective solution to obesity.

“We are thrilled to see Bethany achieve her goals and become an inspiration to others struggling with obesity. Her success story is a testament to the effectiveness of weight loss surgery and the expertise of our team at Arch Bariatrics,” said Dr. Chinnappan.

To help more individuals struggling with obesity, Arch Bariatrics is currently offering an all-inclusive sleeve gastrectomy for $11,111. To learn more & see financing options, visit their website at

About Arch Bariatrics:

Arch Bariatrics is a leading weight loss surgery center in St. Louis, MO, providing safe, effective, and personalized solutions to individuals struggling with obesity. The center offers a range of weight loss surgery options, including gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, Gastric Balloon and adjustable gastric banding. Dr. Kumaran Chinnappan, a renowned surgeon with over two decades of experience and thousands of weight loss Surgeries to his credit, leads the team at Arch Bariatrics.

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