SUBTERRANEA joins the FASERIPOPEDIA family – underground, underworld and Hollow Earth gaming

April 17 12:45 2023


Underground, Underworld, Tartarus and this Hollow Earth!

Explore the worlds beneath our feet, from the eccentric Subway Wizards to the chained Titans of Tartarus to the Refuges of Dinosaurs and Cave People at the Earth’s Core – and so very much more!

Every kind of Subterranean adventure and creature is covered from the Earth’s Core Mahars and Sagoth and the dinosaurs and Dinosaur Men to the Molemen of various types, Ratmen, Cave Giants, Cyclopaean Ruins and the monstrosities that might haunt them and vast ecologies of encounters. Randomize your way down into Subterranea, what you find when you get there, and how you might try and get back out – not always as simple as just climbing back in the mole machine or elevator, you see!

A unique sourcebook for the underground world beneath our feet, SUBTERRANEA also critiques real life folklore, legend and urban oddities such as the Subway Wizards, reports of Lizard-Men in the sewers, the Hollow Earth beliefs, and the weird and wonderful world of “Golden Age” comics of the 1940s. With a scholarly approach, this popular book has become an instant underground classic not just for table top gamers who want something different for their superhero games – but also a collection of real-world beliefs and spooky stories to tingle the spine.

Most table top games follow very predictable patterns, but not FASERIPOPEDIA. As the authentic superhero home gaming experience, FASERIPOPEDIA covers every kind of fantasy and science fiction story, and does it with style. SUBTERRANEA gives players and gamemasters an entire range of underworld adventures, based on not only the best of the public domain but the claims and encounters of real-life experiencers. Fantastic adventures in realistic settings is the hallmark of FASERIPOPEDIA and one of its greatest strengths.

SUBTERRANEA is one of the intriguing and highly original sourcebooks for FASERIPOPEDIA.

Just some of the topics covered include the Hollow Earth, caving or “spelunking”, The Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, molemen, reptilians, abductions, Men In Black, UFO, demons, devils, daemons, Tartarus, cave people, Subway Wizards, hollow earth conspiracy theories, Deep Underground Military Bases and the truly bizarre and inventive characters from the public domain who originated in the four-color stories of the Golden Age of Comics.

FASERIPOPEDIA is the highest rated and best selling superhero gaming table top RPG, available in hardcover, paperback and digitally.

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