Not Your Sub explores the sassy side of fashion to empower women

April 14 23:27 2023
Fashion brand NOT YOUR SUB explores the power of unrestrained women through fierce and sassy designs.

The standing of women across the world has seen immense changes over the past couple of decades, but there is still much distance to cover. NOT YOUR SUB is excited to be helping redefine the stigma around women and their place in society through fashion. NOT YOUR SUB brings out a new dynamic and confidence to the feminist movement with an aim to empower women to embrace their individuality. 

Founded by two free spirits who value self-expression, Karl and Laurie leveraged their shared marketing backgrounds, Laurie’s taste for fashion, and Karl’s eye for photography in order to combine their vision. During their virtual brainstorms, their conversations flowed from visual aesthetics and artistic components to values, beliefs, and ideologies about self-confidence, fashion, and equality. Soon enough, NOT YOUR SUB was created, featuring a range of playful crop tops, totes, and art prints with bold slogans. The brand designs each piece with its core values and message in mind and ensures to incorporate elements of irony, humor, and satire to spark conversations around existing social norms.

NOT YOUR SUB is quickly becoming the go-to brand for clothing and products that embody the ideals of self-belonging and freedom from submission. The founders of NOT YOUR SUB believe that fashion can be a powerful tool for social change. By providing products that celebrate individuality and empowerment, the brand hopes to inspire people and, in some way, help minimize the societal pressure to conform. 

“We showcase gender stigma and double standards as a way of questioning our normalized view of masculinity and femininity. We believe style is a way to proclaim empowerment. Our desire is to turn self-worth into boldness while making space for more joy and excitement.”

With that resolve as its guiding principle, NOT YOUR SUB creates products that are not only functional but also powerful statements. Each of its products, from t-shirts and totes to art prints, encourages people to be confident and unapologetically themselves. NOT YOUR SUB preaches a message of inclusivity, sharing that there’s enough room in the world for everyone to reveal their true selves.

Laurie describes NOT YOUR SUB as a “symbol of opposition towards control and what is socially normalized. It is also a reminder to empower yourself and the people that surround you in a cheerful way.” 

In contrast, Karl dedicates the brand to “people who have a strong desire to reclaim their power unapologetically, with middle fingers up in the air, both loud and proud.”

Though NOT YOUR SUB has garnered attention with its bold message and approach to women’s empowerment, the brand does not define itself as a feminist brand, but rather one that empowers “sassy and witty spirits,” emphasizing the fact that everyone should feel empowered regardless of their gender identity. 

Learn more about how NOT YOUR SUB is turning self-worth into boldness by visiting the brand’s website.

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