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April 04 23:00 2023


A company with craftsmanship that not only gives satisfaction but deep impression to the customers with novel technology and quality


• Equip technology and system that effectively produce custom-made tools that reflect the customer’s individual need

• Grow together through technology collaboration with partners based on the technology intellectual property.

Core Value-

• Imagination and challenge (Develop innovative tools that go beyond stereotype, with boundless imagination and challenging spirit)

• Quality management based on creativity (With a goal to create value for the customers beyond quality management focused on operation effectiveness, implement quality management balancing creativity and productivity)

• Communication and Collaboration (Strengthen communication and technology collaboration with the customers and partner companies, and render service to community development by contributing to the society.

Patent registered EASY UNLOCKING LEVER (Patent No. 10-2102989) :

• The 『easy unlocking lever』 that can be operated with one hand enables to do tension operation quickly and easily.

• The lock and unlock can be operated continuously easily and rhythmically.

Easy pressure adjustment feature different from ordinary tension pliers :

• The pressure adjustment screw does not turn while using as it is in the center of the plier.

• Please put the ordinary tension plier you used to have that you had to adjust the pressure every time the pressure adjustment screw moved while working! Now, you have Easy Tension.

Great convenience of the light-weight Easy Tension :

• Easy Tension that comes in just the right size for the hand give you the best grip.

• 420g weight of Easy Tension is lighter than ordinary tension plier to give you less fatigue from working a long time.

Functionality of the Jaw Pad. :

• We used the high-quality Samik THK wire for ironworks (made in Korea) for the jaw pad.

• The flex material does not slip like the ordinary tension pliers, even when the strength is set weak, because of the teeth on the jaw pad (wire for ironworks).

Convenience of the handle holder :

• The easy-tension does not go off the hand even in quick and forced operation.

• The pocket hanger on the handle holder can be used to hang belts or pocket when both hands need to be used for operation.

Stainless steel material is used for the main parts :

All parts are made with stainless steel (STS304) for extra strength and corrosion prevention, except the plier base tool (nickel plated) and wire for ironworks (cast iron)

Detailed Manufacturing process :

For strong durability, the welding part was done by TIG welding by high frequency induction heating the iron wire made of cast iron (high carbon steel) with a temperature higher than 500°C

Easy Tension Plier developed by an external advertiser! :

Easy Tension Plier was developed and manufactured by a person who works in the external advertising, participating in the on-site manufacturing for a long time. It was launched after the disadvantages were supplemented and a detailed optimization was completed.

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