Michelle Vega Grows Portfolio with Over 45 Investment Properties in 5 Years

April 04 10:33 2023

Michelle Vega, a successful realtor and entrepreneur, has been consistently adding to her portfolio of investments both in properties and branches of the real estate world. Although she started her business dealing solely with transactions as a Realtor, she quickly realized that, if someone was willing to put in the work, the housing market held endless potential. There could be much more to it than listings and sales. She began acquiring investment properties and rentals of her own with the goal of shifting her focus from sales to investments.

In 2023, approximately 5 years after she started investing, Michelle Vega has grown her business from almost nothing to the point where she owns over 45 investment properties. Although the majority of these are rentals, she has also added several Airbnb properties to her ever-expanding list of homes, and plans to continue to invest in more of them going forward.

Along with selling and investing in homes as rentals and Airbnbs, Michelle is also involved in flipping homes. When she first began to branch off into this area of her business she had little to no experience, but refused to let that stop her. She started with only one home, used the process to gain experience and knowledge, and then began to increase volume until she was flipping up to 10 houses at a time. Michelle has now flipped over 35 homes, realizing a profit margin between $30,000 and $50,000 on each home. In the coming months, she is planning to increase these types of investments as well.

Michelle Vega not only has her sights set on adding to her portfolio of property investments, she has also built a team of business partners and has goals to help them as well.

“I want to help my current team members become leaders within the company and grow this vision even more. I want to help current home owners become investors, and help any family that wants to know how to get in the door, but needs proper guidance to do so.”

About Michelle Vega

Michelle Vega is a self-made business woman, entrepreneur, and award-winning Realtor. She specializes in investment homes of all types, and provides assistance to home buyers and rental tenants who wish to step into the word of investment properties.

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