EMSFIT10 set to introduce digital fitness courses for its fitness technology products

April 03 12:28 2023
EMSFIT10 set to introduce digital fitness courses for its fitness technology products

Emsfit10.com is set to introduce a fresh media arm aimed at offering online training courses for their home fitness technology products. The corporation is in the process of recruiting coaches, a production crew, and models to film advanced fitness courses and instructional videos at their Toronto, Canada studios. This will entail providing guided video lessons for their electro muscle stimulation products.

Upon purchasing a fitness product from the e-commerce firm, customers globally will have access to hundreds of sessions curated by world-renowned fitness experts and can view the videos on their mobile, tablet, or computer.

“We are proud of our fantastic physical products, and we aim to supplement that by providing our customers with structured routines and motivation to enhance their fitness and training experience at home,” stated spokesperson Ari Rhodes.

Emsfit10 users will have access to everything from fat-burning cardio to HIIT endurance training. The courses will range from quick 5-minute calorie-burning exercises to longer 30-minute workouts. There will be a training video for all fitness levels, interests, and schedules.

What is electro muscle stimulation? Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a type of workout that involves the use of low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles. During an EMS workout, small electrical impulses are applied to the muscles through electrodes attached to the skin. These impulses cause the muscles to contract, mimicking the effect of traditional exercise.

The idea behind EMS is that it can provide a more efficient workout by activating more muscle fibers than traditional exercise. Additionally, some proponents claim that EMS can help to improve muscle tone, increase strength, and reduce recovery time between workouts.

For further information, please visit emsfit10.com

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