What is a Disc Brake, and what are its Features and Functions?

April 03 11:56 2023

The function of disc brakes in a car is to control the vehicle’s speed so that it can run and stop according to the wishes of the driver. Disc brakes will make the driver safer in controlling the car.

Most cars used braking systems with drum brakes or drum brakes, but now many cars are designed with disc brakes. Disc brakes have been widely used in various types of cars, be it on the car’s front or rear.

Car manufacturers have deliberately changed the braking system to disc brakes because they are safer and can make the car stable, even when used at high speeds. The process of stopping a car is more optimal when using disc brakes than drum or drum brakes.

To stop the car, of course, you don’t need a long distance as a square, and by using disc brakes, all the legs of the car can stop quickly. In other words, disc brakes can shorten the braking distance. With disc brakes, the safety of the drivers will be safer in the car.

Using a car that has used disc brakes, you will be calm and more secure.

What is a Disk Brake Caliper?

Disk Brake Calipers play a vital role in your ability to slow or stop your car at speed. Each caliper works by applying pressure to the brake pads when you push down on your pedal. This forces the pads against the disc. This in turn creates the high level of resistance needed to slow your wheels down. Brake calipers tend to wear over time through general use. Low-quality calipers will wear must faster than normal. Symptoms of worn calipers include squealing sounds and jerking sensations when braking. While every type of brake caliper performs the same function, they are not all identical.

Brake calipers perform a mechanical movement to clamp the brake lining on the disc. Calipers are also often referred to as brake pads and piston brakes.

The brake calipers will work using hydraulic pressure generated from the change in brake fluid pressure that enters through the brake hose or cable. You need to know at least two types of brake calipers, namely floating and fixed calipers.

Floating Caliper is one of the brake calipers whose position is in the brake support caliper section. This type of caliper will later shift and move to the left or right. In floating calipers, the brake piston is only available for one side. When the piston moves, the car pushes the disc brake pads. The other side will clamp the brake lining next to it.

A fixed caliper is a caliper whose position is integrated with the brake support caliper and this keeps the caliper still and will work to suppress the brake pads, namely the brake piston only.

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