An Inside Look into Israel’s Incredible Music Journey

April 03 08:33 2023
An Inside Look into Israel’s Incredible Music Journey

‘The Rise of Israel’
Israel, whose real name is Demarcus Johnson, is an artist, singer, and songwriter who creates inspirational music aimed at helping people cope with life’s challenges. He draws inspiration from his personal journey, including the trauma of losing his son. Israel’s music is centered on encouraging people to believe in the power of the Lord and the importance of prayer. Israel’s ultimate goal is to reach millions of people worldwide who have lost hope and inspire them to live a purposeful life.

Demarcus Johnson, popularly known as Israel, is an artist, singer, and songwriter. Israel is notable for his inspirational music that speaks to the hearts of millions globally. His calm and soothing music is dedicated to helping people cope with every situation. According to Israel, life is a rollercoaster of experiences marked with happy to sad and optimistic to pessimistic emotions that we all need to cope with.

“My music is for everybody. I sing to encourage, inspire and help my fans find peace with their lives,” says Israel.

Israel’s music is inspired by his uplifting journey, rising against all odds to realize his dreams. He had to overcome life-threatening challenges, including bearing the pain of losing his two-year-old son. The experience and trauma left him heartbroken with no hope for a better tomorrow. But just when he was almost giving up, God instilled resilience in him and gave him a vision of a life worth living. “This was my life until God intervened and gave me hope. Shielded his grace upon me and showed my calling,” Israel narrates.

Today, Israel has dedicated his craft to encouraging and inspiring people to see and believe in the power of the Lord. God heals all wounds and is always ready to fulfill your desires. Israel inspires the young and old to believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is the only way to communicate with our maker and request his favor. “I would like to preach to the younger generation and get them to make better life choices,” says Israel.

Israel also encourages young artists never to give up on their dreams. As you start, no one might believe in your potential, but that shouldn’t deter you. Instead, ignore all the naysayers and focus on building your craft.

Moving forward, Israel wants to continue releasing more music. He also looks forward to collaborating and working with other artists who have a course similar to his. Israel dreams of expanding its fan base to the international stage. To him, the mission is to reach the millions who have lost hope and help them find a reason to live a purposeful life.

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