President of XO Media Anthony Korculanic Conveys Trends that are Changing the Rulebook of Social Media Advertising

April 01 05:12 2023
Anthony Korculanic is the president of XO Media and an expert in architecture & design. Mr. Anthony Korculanic analyzes advertising trends that are more than likely to dominate social media platforms in 2023.

Social media platforms and outlets initially emerged as streamlined tools for digital communication. With more than half of the world’s population having at least one TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account, businesses today do not have to look far to know where their customers and clients are. 

Mr. Anthony Korculanic, the president of XO Media Inc. wanted to share his insights and predictions about social media trends that can help companies and firms from all industries improve their marketing efficiencies in 2023. 

TikTok leads the social media platform race with more than a billion monthly active users. Anthony Korculanic conveys that businesses need more than just creating a TikTok profile. Businesses need to find a perfect balance between being “active” by uploading fresh content and not clogging their followers’ feeds with too much content. 

The longest-running social media trend to surface in 2023 revolves around authenticity. With so many innovative creators, a clear line of distinction has been drawn between appealing content and profiles simply trying to ride the bandwagon. Businesses need to both create authentic content and have an authentic presentation of said content to remain relevant. 

Artificial intelligence technology has been sporadically surfacing in social media ads in past years but as Anthony Korculanic predicts, AI will have a permanent stay on social media platforms in 2023. 

Text-to-speech software, smart bots capable of creating engaging posts from scratch, and advanced tools that analyze heaps of data in a flash – these are just some of the many applications of AI in social media advertising that will give businesses the edge they need to beat competitors. 

Anthony Korculanic continued, stating that most social media platforms will eventually follow the concept Meta created with the Metaverse. Numerous high-profile brands have already secured their slots in the Metaverse, with the most prominent examples being Gucci’s “Sandbox”, and Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT. 

Some trends that rose to prominence when social media was first created will remain strong and relevant in 2023. Quality content will never be replaced, regardless of how old its format may be. Anthony Korculanic states that businesses and entrepreneurs on TikTok need to focus their efforts on creating the best content possible – even if it is a 5-second trailer. 

A rapidly growing social media trend revolves around brands and businesses using TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to illustrate their solutions to common problems. No matter how flamboyant the effects are or how beautiful the animations in any advertising content may be, customers are ultimately seeking a product or a service that can cater to specific needs. 

More information about Anthony Korculanic is available on his official website.

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