RoyalBaby Introduces the EZ Kids Bike with the Potential to Reshape Bike Learning

April 01 04:42 2023

RoyalBaby, the renowned kid bike brand endorsed by millions of families in over 80 countries, is launching its game-changer, the EZ bike. This EZ bike aims to reshape the traditional bike learning pattern and make biking a lot more EZ for kids and their parents. 


RoyalBaby believes that learning to ride a bike should be as natural as learning to walk. The more intuitive approach is to get acquainted with balancing by sliding first and then attempting to ride. However, the training wheels that come standard with almost all kids’ bikes in the market have turned the crucial period of mastering balance into riding something no different than a tricycle; kids can balance themselves not by themselves but by swaying left and right and rely heavily on training wheels to support them. 

The training wheel interrupts the process of the naturally acquired balancing skill. Kids using training wheels to learn biking might have only a tiny fraction of their total riding time that they are actually practicing balancing skills. As a result, some children still need help to get rid of the training wheels, even until they are seven or eight years old.


RoyalBaby designed and launched the EZ Kids Bike in 2022 to tackle this pain point. As its name implies, the EZ bike will be an effortless experience for parents and kids. The trick is simple: kids will always be able to put their feet on the ground so they won’t feel insecure. Traditional kids’ bike frames have a bottom bracket and saddle that are too high for children. It is challenging for kids to put their feet down whenever they want, creating insecurity. The EZ Kids Bike optimizes the frame by lowering the center of gravity to eliminate this insecurity. Only adjusting the frame itself won’t classify it as a game changer. The EZ bike has the first-ever crank pedal quick-release mechanism, allowing a swift switch between balance bike and pedal bike modes. The switch is simple and EZ: clicking a button on the spindle to remove the footrest and snap in the pedal to transform. The transformation is entirely toolless and can be done within seconds.

The major distinction of the EZ bike compare to regular kids’ bikes are:

1.  Revolutionary Mechanism

The core innovation of the EZ bike is the quick-release crank pedals and footrest. This mechanism allows parents and even kids to switch the EZ bike between a balance bike and a pedal bike; without any tools and with just a click of a button. This is the distinctive difference compared to other 2-in-1 bikes in the market. 

2. Lower center of gravity

The bottom bracket position is closer to the ground so that even toddlers can have their feet touching the ground. It is essential for toddlers to feel confident at the beginning. 

3.  One Bolt Assembly

An Allen key to tighten the stem bolt is the only tool required to complete the assembly. It is not just easy for toddlers to learn but also easy for parents to put together.


RoyalBaby US LLC (“RoyalBaby” or the “Company”) is a leading kids-wheeled toys brand. The Company has been a top seller in the Amazon kids’ bike category for consecutive years. RoyalBaby provides premium quality products while being competitive in prices to deliver safe and quality rides for young riders globally.

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