DubTraining By Jamie Wren Helps Softball Players Unlock Their Full Potential

March 31 23:54 2023

Former D1 athlete builds DubTraining an elite softball training business that empowers softball players across the nation through her in-person and online training program.

The team over at DubTraining has created a fully-immersive training program called the #DubClub that helps players unlock their full athletic potential.

“I really wanted to find a way to deliver more value to my students and build relationships that extend beyond just when players are in the batting cage with me,” said Jamie, the founder of DubTraining, “that’s why I created #DubClub, a membership program that allows players who are committed to their craft to learn how to compete at the collegiate and professional level regardless of where they live.”

The DubTraining team has worked with over 400 players and serviced over 3,000 lessons since 2020. “If you are serious about your softball career and aspire to play at the professional collegiate level”, Jamie recommends that all players:

–  Find a way to practice their craft beyond just when they are on the field (i.e. private lessons, at-home drills, etc.)
–  Find a mentor who has played at the professional collegiate level to learn from and ask questions.
–  Find ways to stay active and in shape year-round, not just while in season (including diet).
–  Find ways to deepen relationships with teammates (team workouts or team clinics are a great team bonding experience).
–  Participate in as many networking opportunities as possible.

“There’s a lot of room for improvement in every player’s game,” Jamie continues, “many players think their job is done when they step off the field, but that’s where the real work begins and the most progress is made.”

Most Common Mistakes Players Make

When asked what the most common mistakes she sees players make are, Jamie says “there are 2 mistakes I see players make religiously. The first is treating the sport like a part-time hobby. If you want to compete at the collegiate level, you need to be dedicated to your craft. The second is taking advice or learning from the wrong person. Make sure whoever you are learning from knows what they are talking about and has the experience and track record to back it up.”

The Effective Training Solution

DubTraining takes the legwork out of putting together a good training program for aspiring softball players by offering both in-person and virtual lessons, coaching calls, video analysis, networking opportunities, and much more.

Not only that, but according to Jamie, “players will have access to not just my personal library of drills and exercises, but also direct access to me to ask any questions that they may have; whether they want to send me a video of their swing to review, or have questions about the recruitment process, they will get direct feedback from a former D1 player whose been in their shoes.”

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