Stuck With a Lemon? A California Lemon Law Lawyer Can Help According to

March 30 08:45 2023
Stuck With a Lemon? A California Lemon Law Lawyer Can Help According to

If one’s ever bought a breakdown-prone model, have vehicle issues that can’t be resolved, or are tired of making trips to the repair shop for the same problems, one may have a legal remedy under California’s lemon law. By seeking help promptly, the state’s drivers can protect their interests and avoid spending money on a non-functioning vehicle.

What is California’s Lemon Law?

The term lemon law is a reference to the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which is part of California’s Civil Code. Under the lemon law, dealers and manufacturers must replace or buy back defective vehicles after a certain number of repair attempts. While the law may go into effect after just one repair attempt in some instances, it generally covers two to three failed attempts after which a vehicle is unsafe to drive. For additional information on the state’s lemon law, go to this blog link.

In the state of California, there’s a civil penalty for manufacturers and dealers that do not comply with the law. Here, a buyer’s damages are doubled, which allows them to receive twice what they paid for a vehicle after their valid claim is denied.

Lemon Law Eligibility

Drivers may have claims under California’s lemon law when defects or problems affect a vehicle’s use or safety. Even in minor cases, a vehicle can be considered a lemon after several resolution attempts have been made.

A vehicle’s used or new status isn’t what determines its eligibility. For a vehicle to fall under the law, the issue must appear while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect.

Which Defects Are Covered?

For problems to be covered under the state’s lemon law, they must significantly affect a vehicle’s safety, value, or usage, and they must arise during the warranty period. It’s the dealership’s responsibility to notify the buyer of a vehicle’s lemon status after several failed repair attempts, but not all dealers follow through.

Here are a few of the most common issues encountered during lemon law claims:

  • Engine problems

  • Electrical issues

  • Power window malfunctions

  • Broken sunroofs

  • Non-functional radios

  • Bluetooth or navigation issues

  • Faulty locks and trunk latches

If a vehicle has one or more of these problems and one’s not getting any help from the dealership, consult an attorney who can provide a guide to California’s lemon laws.

Used Vehicles and the Lemon Law

In California, the lemon law also applies to used vehicles when:

  • They’re still under the retailer’s or manufacturer’s warranty.

  • They are sold or leased through an in-state retailer.

  • A reasonable number of repair attempts have been made.

  • All repair attempts have been unsuccessful.

According to, only a few other states—New York and New Jersey among them—have used car lemon laws. If a vehicle has problems while it’s under warranty, the dealership must make an effort to resolve them. However, if those efforts fail, the dealer must then refund the purchase price or replace the vehicle.  Firms like one similar to Timothy Abeel & Associates, P.C. can provide additional details on the state’s lemon law.

Lemon Laws Protect California’s Car Buyers

While new vehicles are designed to provide years of worry-free usage, they, like all other machines, occasionally have problems. When those problems cannot be solved in a timely fashion, California’s lemon law is there to protect buyers.

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