The ultimate guide to becoming a software developer with

March 30 08:16 2023

In today’s digital world, there are many more openings for software developer jobs. This guide teaches one step-by-step how to become a software developer in Africa.

The ultimate guide to becoming a software developer in 2023

It’s no secret that the technology industry is growing at an exponentially fast rate. While technology is replacing the need for a workforce in some industries, countless software developer jobs have opened up, and will continue to do so. The time has never been better to upskill, and find software developer jobs, especially in an emerging market like Africa. 

What makes a good software developer

Before investing time, money and effort into learning coding or software engineering, there are a few tell-tale traits that somebody will make a good software developer. It’s not for everybody, so if any of these resonate, this is definitely a career to look into.

–  A positive outlook, with good task and time management skills
–  Technical understanding and experience
–  A quick learner
–  Attention to detail, but also an eye for the bigger picture
–  A team player with good communication skills
–  A focus not just on the task, but end-user 

Where to study

Software developer jobs are tough and take many years’ experience and learning to master, but they are some of the most rewarding jobs around. So, being eager and informed is a great first step. The next step that would recommend, would be to try and obtain some sort of formal education in software development or computer sciences. Some of the best universities to study software development in Africa are below:

–  The University of Sfax in Tunisia offers a fantastic course for prospective software programmers, called the Bachelor of Computer Science.
–  The University of Pretoria offers the BEng Computer Engineering degree.
–  The University of Cape Town has an entire Computer Science Department, offering a range of beginner (first year) to advanced.
–  The University of Stellenbosch Computer Science Department that was founded all the way back in 1972, making them one of the best places to study software development in South Africa.
–  The Mohammed V University in Morocco offers a 3-year double diploma.
–  The Cairo University in Egypt offers a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.
–  The National University of Science and Technology based in Zimbabwe offers a course in Software Engineering in IT. 

Finding a software developer jobs after learning the necessary skills

To become a software developer, it’s important to continuously practice and master coding languages and tech stacks, as well as network with other professionals in the industry. Creating a professional CV and gaining portfolio experience can also be helpful in landing a software development job. It’s important to stay open-minded and try different things, in the beginning, to eventually find a niche to specialize in. Once someone feels they have found their niche, they can begin the job hunt using their network or various job sites.

Top African companies hiring right now:

–  SovTech
–  FNB
–  Amazon Software Developer Internship
–  Takealot
–  LexisNexis
–  PeopleSolved Consulting (Pty) Ltd
–  Derivco
–  DigiBlu
–  Black Pen Recruitment


With that, hopes one is armed with all the information one could possibly need in order to begin the software developer job hunt, and lucrative career! If one thought this article was jam-packed with information, buckle up because that’s a fraction of the information one will need to learn software solutions! 

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