Believe in light: Unitree’s first omnidirectional ultra-wide angle 4D LIDAR, from $329

March 30 06:45 2023

Currently, LIDAR has a wide range of applications, involving industrial mapping, 3D modeling, autonomous driving and many other fields. Lidar is launched to the target object by laser beam, and the reflected signal received is analyzed and processed to get the position information of the object.

Most of the commonly used low-cost LIDARs on the market are 2D LIDARs. Even for 3D LIDARs, although they can perform 3D scanning, they have small field of view, large blind areas, high installation requirements and poor adaptability. Therefore, some mobile robots need to install multiple radars to meet the required coverage of field of view, making the investment cost higher

It is understood that Unitree is a world-renowned robotics company focusing on the independent development, production and sales of consumer-grade and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. Fully self-research motors, reducers, controllers, LIDAR and other key core robot components and high-performance perception and motion control algorithms, integration of the entire robot industry chain, in the field of quadruped robots in the global technology leadership.

Recently, in order to accelerate the goal of high-performance mobile robots into the life of the public, Unitree has relaunched the industry’s first omnidirectional ultra-wide angle 4D LiDAR – Unitree 4D LiDAR L1, starting from $329.

I. Only from $329 yuan, the king of practicality

The 4D (3D position + 1D grayscale) LiDAR released by Unitree is based on technological innovation, optimized and perfected process and cost, and the first price of the whole network starts from only $329, which is the king of practicality and helps to promote its wide application in the fields of autonomous driving, robot navigation and environment perception, and increase the popularity and development speed of these fields.

II. Omnidirectional ultra-wide angle, easy perception

L1 can achieve 360°*90° hemispherical ultra-wide angle scanning capability through clever design, which enables it to sense and measure in a wider range and can replace traditional LIDAR sensing solutions to achieve the same effect for less than 1/10 of the price.

III. Compact size and flexible installation

L1 is compact, with a volume of only 75*75*65mm and weighing 230g, which can be easily integrated into different devices and application scenarios, greatly improving the flexibility and applicability of LIDAR applications.

IV. Extremely small blind area and superior performance

L1 has an ultra-low blind spot, with a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m. With its compact size for embedded installation, it can help mobile robots achieve blind spot-free coverage, for example, cleaning robots can complete dead-end cleaning.

V. Stable operation, no fear of interference

L1 has the ability to operate in all scenes, and can effectively resist interference from indoor ambient light and outdoor bright light. It can achieve stable ranging and high-precision map building in outdoor bright light of 100Klux, and can also accurately detect highly transparent objects, such as glass.

In addition to applications in robotics and automation, L1 can also be used for security monitoring, intelligent transportation, 3D reconstruction and many other fields to accelerate the process of mobile intelligence era.

Unitree has always been committed to the research, development and innovation of high-performance quadruped robots and their industry chain-related technologies, and is the first company in the world to publicly retail high-performance quadruped robots and the first to realize quadruped robots on the ground in the industry, and has the largest number of quadruped robot-related patents in China. Unitree ‘s products have landed on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2021, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the 2023 Super Bowl and other international stages, and has been deeply cultivated in the power inspection, fire reconnaissance, emergency rescue and other industry applications. The launch of the Unitree 4D LiDAR L1, which is self-researched by Unitree, is believed to bring a brand new change to the related industry. 

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