Dimples Get Their Own Day: National Dimples Day Debuts to Celebrate the Signature Feature, Gets Endorsement from Celebrities around the World

March 29 18:24 2023
National Dimples Day has been established to recognize the beauty and charm of one of the most beloved facial features while providing support to people who are being teased and bullied for having them

A new holiday has been established to celebrate one of the most beloved facial features, dimples. National Dimples Day, which falls on July 9th, has been created to recognize the beauty and charm of this signature feature. There has been a lot of cruelty targeted at people with chin dimples, especially teenagers and females. The day was necessitated by the desire to provide support to individuals who have been teased and bullied for having dimples, for this reason, National Dimples Day has teamed up with 7 Cups, which provides anonymous and completely free counseling for adults and teens (13-17 years of age).

Dimples are considered to be a unique and attractive aspect of a person’s appearance, and they are often associated with a youthful and charming personality. To commemorate this beautiful trait, National Dimples Day has been established to raise awareness and appreciation for those who have dimples. Whether it is dimples on the face, cleft chin a.k.a. butt chin, or dimples on the lower back called dimples of venus, National Dimples Day is designed to celebrate people with dimples of any kind.

National Dimples Day has already received endorsements from several celebrities worldwide, notable among which is American actress, Jennifer Garner. The holiday aims to promote self-confidence and body positivity, reminding everyone that what makes people different is what makes them beautiful.

“We are focused on spreading the word and celebrating globally the rarity of dimples,” explained Graceful Grady, Founder and Chief Dimples Officer of National Dimples Day LLC. “Whether it is an anomaly or not, dimples are rare and we want people to be proud of them. I am fully appreciative of the support from 7 Cups as they have been instrumental since this journey began.”

Mr. Graceful Grady hopes that this holiday will inspire people to embrace their unique features and celebrate the things that make us all different. A variety of events and celebrations, including social media campaigns, charity events, and online discussions will mark the day. Aside from setting a day to celebrate and support people with dimples, the official National Dimples Day website has been launched and it will feature news updates about dimples and plans for the day’s celebration.

The National Dimples Day recognition wouldn’t be a success if not for the support of 7 Cups, an online platform that provides counseling and therapy. 7 Cups collaborated with Graceful Grady to ensure the endorsement of this day and give the emotional support needed by people with dimples of all forms that get bullied or teased.

Additionally, there is a store with cool merchandise about dimples and National Dimples Day. It features tees, accessories, and hoodie goodies with lots of cool designs and styles.

For more information about National Dimples Day, how to get involved, and to shop its amazing collection of merch, please visit the official website at https://nationaldimplesday.com/.

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