SOLOSecure Unveils SOLO Wallet, The Ultimate Cell Phone Wallet Phone Case

March 29 15:00 2023
SOLOSecure has developed a new, biometric SOLO Wallet that provides unmatched security. This cell phone wallet phone case protects credit card information and has won and been nominated for innovation and technology awards.

Security has always been a concern, but with advancing technology, that concern is rapidly rising. Those seeking to steal one’s credit card information are finding new and easier ways to commit theft and credit card fraud. Many even have the technology to take that information right out of someone’s wallet without touching that person or the wallet.  

SOLOSecure combines the power of biometrics and IoT to offer unparalleled technology in the form of the SOLO Wallet, the ultimate security in the form of a cell phone wallet phone case. Previous winner of the CES Innovation award and an SXSW Finalist, the sleek, sophisticated SOLO Wallet innovates credit card security in a way only available now with this product. 

The SOLOSecure SOLO Wallet 

SOLOSecure’s innovation of personal security starts with the SOLO Wallet, the award-winning iOT device that only works with its owner’s authentication.  

“The trend in credit card theft continues to rise, impacting millions of users each year,” states Nate Ramanathan, the SOLOSecure CEO. “Our mission to innovate on personal safety and security starts with what impacts us every day, our identity and financial safety. The SOLO Wallet secures your cards, offers a direct connection to our enhanced SOS system, and only opens with the user’s FaceID”.  

The SOLO Wallet offers a detachable wallet that can be carried independently of the phone. It also includes three hooks for the SOLO Custom electroplated gold metal chain, allowing it to be carried as a clutch. The SOLO Wallet interfaces with the Go-SOLO App. This is SOLO’s personal health and safety app, available in the App Store. 

The SOLO Wallet is available at, as well as Amazon. 

SOLO Wallet as a company 

SOLO Wallet is a California-based company specializing in developing innovative consumer products and services with its patented technology platform. 


Compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, this cell phone case wallet will give users security and peace of mind. With free shipping and a one-year warranty, receiving and using this wallet is also easy and secure.  Stay tuned as the next model will work for all phone sizes in both Android and iOS. 

The SOLO Wallet is also a fashion accessory. “Hold a hand, not your phone!” One can attach the microelectoplated strap and wear it like a clutch. 

More information is available on the SOLO Wallet website.

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