FOG Metaverse Continues International Expansion as Immersive Decentralized World Gains Traction

March 27 11:27 2023
FOG Metaverse Continues International Expansion as Immersive Decentralized World Gains Traction

FOG Metaverse leverages blockchain to let users create, exchange, and monetize 3D digital goods while caring for virtual pets as if they were real. The Binance Smart Chain platform uses FOG tokens as its native currency.
FOG Metaverse lets users create, exchange, and monetize 3D digital goods backed by proprietary token

FOG Metaverse is continuing its international expansion, marking the arrival of the future of online gaming. This leading-edge immersive virtual world and token are taking the metaverse space by storm, bringing all-new elements and exceptional technology to the market.

The metaverse is an emerging space that is seeing rapid expansion. Statistics show that there are already more than 400 million monthly active users in the metaverse. These users are utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality to play in a mirror of reality. The metaverse is about much more than playing, however. In fact, many are getting involved in the metaverse because of the lucrative investment opportunities it holds. Statistics show that 52% of metaverse users are interested in work-related opportunities. In a market that is valued at nearly $50 billion, metaverse platforms simply cannot and should not be underestimated.

The team behind FOG Metaverse sees the incredible potential of metaverse and is responding to the demand with a fully immersive platform that gives users the freedom they want.

At its surface, FOG Metaverse is a fun blockchain-based virtual world that lets players jump into the game by creating, exchanging, and monetizing 3D digital goods. FOG Metaverse allows users to take care of digital pets as if they were real, giving them the ability to trade, buy, and more. Digging a bit deeper exposes a flawless building system that lets users create digital goods that can be sold for currency that can be converted into real dollars.

FOG Metaverse features a variety of building materials: Metasand, which can be used for building structures, creatures, and more; Marble Rock, used for various construction; and Crystal Rock, one of the platform’s rarest materials only found beneath the world’s oceans. An open marketplace lets users seamlessly buy and sell virtual real estate, and through buying land, FOG Metaverse users experience true virtual world freedom.

Buying and selling is done with the FOG Metaverse Token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Through this cryptocurrency, users get to experience a truly decentralized in-world economy. The Token itself holds various income-earning opportunities, including features such as staking and farming. “Whether building, designing, or exploring the boundless potential of FOG Metaverse, users can look forward to an exciting and engaging experience that is both immersive and rewarding,” said the team at FOG Metaverse.

Right now, FOG Metaverse is rolling out around the world in its initial stages. This is a crucial time for investors, who are currently engaging with the platform with the expectation of enjoying further rewards as the platform continues its expansion. The long-term plans for FOG Metaverse extend into 2026. The immersive gaming platform is slated for debut mid-2024, and subsequent features, such as the Metaverse AI Companion, AI Dating, shopping, Obsidian Island, FOG Metaverse Country, and Interconnected Countries will debut thereafter. Learn more by visiting Follow FOG Metaverse on Facebook @FOGMetaverse and Instagram @fogmetaverse.

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