Online Order Management Software SAAVI Helps Australian Businesses Make Their Supply Chain More Efficient

February 02 07:21 2023

The B2B Order Management System makes the lives of Aussie entrepreneurs a lot easier.

As competition becomes more fierce every day, businesses that fail to upgrade key elements of their business, such as the supply chain, are losing out. To help Australian businesses rise to the dynamic challenges and extract maximum value from their supply chain, SAAVI, a reputable online order management solution provider, is trying to make a difference. 

The company is one of the pioneers of food service ordering automation in Australia, with its software installed in more than 98250 food service outlets across the nation. Now it wants to help B2B businesses across diverse industries develop synergies that can help them reduce costs and boost profits.

Speaking to the media, a managing director at the company said, “As a company that is passionate about Australian businesses, we are seeing a lot of entrepreneurs from diverse sectors struggling in this economy. That’s why we are trying to help the maximum number of businesses to leverage our experience and technology. Clients that have worked with us experience improvement across the board, including weekly savings of up to $475 and a potential sales increase of up to 12%. Moreover, implementing our application in their systems has a payback of fewer than 6 months.”

The software can simplify and streamline ordering and receiving wholesale products for businesses, and this optimally helps with customer demand management and removes operational inefficiencies. The integrated online ordering & food delivery app helps retail businesses and wholesalers enable businesses to place and track orders as well as manage their supplier relationships from one centralized dashboard. This ensures there aren’t any communication lapses that lead to product shortages that can cause embarrassment or overstocking that causes storage costs to escalate. Thanks to the application, businesses can make optimal use of their cash flow, space, and time. 

It helps automate and scale the supply chain for businesses on the cloud, which makes it perfect for businesses of all sizes. They don’t have to invest in in-house software that can be potentially ridden with bugs and inefficiencies. Instead, they can plug the application from SAAVI into their system and start seeing results. Additionally, by having all of the data at their fingertips, the management can make decisions faster for the entrepreneurs’ benefit.

Talking about the application, a representative for the company continued, “How businesses manage their supply chains can be the difference between failure and success. If there is weakness on one end of the spectrum, it will have a ripple effect that will ultimately affect the firm’s bottom line and reputation. That’s why firms must upgrade their order management processes and bring them up to speed in the 21st century. Companies will start seeing the number of errors decrease dramatically with our system.”

The software integrates seamlessly with the ERP / financial platform already in place in the business. This helps all invoices and PODs to be sent digitally upon the delivery platform and ensures complete transparency for everyone in the supply chain. Businesses and stakeholders are always on the same page and can monitor stock levels live at all times. It also creates a unique selling point for the company with features such as live contract pricing, live order tracking, and delivery status facilitating and adding value to the customers. The digitized and fully automated software eliminates disputes, errors, and missing orders. Clients who start using their software can sit late in the office going through excel sheets or piles of supplier invoices to make sense of orders. Moreover, by going paperless, the application helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking about how the application has benefited them, a business owner in Queensland said, “Running my growing business was very challenging, especially regarding managing inventory and keeping track of orders. Installing the SAAVI application was one of the best decisions we could ever make. The new online ordering system helped make the entire making process efficient, and it helped simplify the entire lifecycle of the supply chain from order to right to deliveries. After a long time, we controlled different aspects of our business financials, operations, customer relations, and overall business success. The order management system has an easy-to-use interface which helped all the staff to learn the workings of the software in a matter of hours. I have been able to turbocharge my business and cut down a lot of costs.”

Thanks to the delivery management system, businesses improve their operational efficiency and can utilize their time more effectively. They can utilize their cognitive resources on processes that improve their overall bottom line, such as improving customer services.

The online order management system has attracted a wide range of clients and use cases, including food ordering, seafood ordering, produce wholesalers, butchers ordering, delivery management, packaging suppliers, customer orders, sales rep ordering, delivery driver signatures, B2B And B2C Ordering, warehouse picking, and packing.

People interested in learning more about SAAVI’s customer ordering system can check out the website today. The application is available for download on Android and Apple stores, and they can even schedule a free mobile trial today.

About the Company

SAAVI is one of the pioneers of food service ordering automation in Australia, with its software installed in more than 98,250 food service outlets across the country. The company enables businesses to streamline core areas of their business, including inventory, logistics, and supply chain management, with its state of the art order management system.

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