N&M Restoration: Why Chimney Maintenance Is Critical To The Safety of Families And Homes

February 01 16:45 2023
When it comes to chimney maintenance and repair, trust only Metro Detroit’s brick pavers and masonry experts

Having a well-functioning fireplace or heater provides comfort and warmth to one’s home like no other, especially during the winter season. But its frequent usage during this time of the year only reinforces the need for a thorough chimney inspection.

Just like any other appliance at home, chimneys must be properly maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure it is doing its job and not posing any safety hazards to the household. Fortunately, the people of Metro Detroit can rely on N&M Restoration for their chimney maintenance and repair.

According to N&M Restoration, neglecting one’s chimney can lead to serious problems, such as leaks, draft issues, and even a house fire. “You have to get a chimney inspected to make sure it is safe before using it. This can stop house fires and structural damage from getting worse,” shares their team of experienced brick pavers and masonry experts. In addition, if the chimney is not properly venting, dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide can leak into the home.

A damaged chimney can also decrease the efficiency of a heating system, resulting in higher energy costs. It can even affect the overall structural integrity of the house, since chimneys also provide roof support. Moreover, damaged chimneys can lead to water leaks that can cause damage to the walls, ceilings, and other parts of the house. If left unaddressed, this can result in the growth and spread of mold and mildew and even biohazard contamination.

But apart from the health and safety hazards that it may cause, a chimney that is obviously not well-maintained and cleaned also gives a negative impression on one’s home aesthetic-wise. So if a chimney shows signs that might have been damaged, don’t hesitate to have it immediately inspected by a professional like N&M Restoration. Attempting to repair a chimney alone can be dangerous, as it involves working at heights and with potentially hazardous materials. It can also lead to further damage if the repairs are not done correctly. To get the best results, leave all things chimney maintenance and repair to the experts.

N&M Restoration can be trusted when it comes to making the right assessments on one’s chimney. Whether it is chimney repair, tuck-pointing, chimney sweeping, or complete chimney replacement, N&M Restoration offers high-quality solutions for every home. To know more about chimney repair, read N&M Restoration’s helpful tips at https://nandmrestoration.com/chimney-repair/.

More information about N&M Restoration and their services can be found at https://nandmrestoration.com.

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