MILC Providing Interactive Metaverse with Social Community Element for Consumers, Advertisers and Creators Alike

February 01 12:09 2023
MILC Providing Interactive Metaverse with Social Community Element for Consumers, Advertisers and Creators Alike
The MILC platform is a free marketplace for digital products, like NFTs, and for lifestyle services, via e-commerce

MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), founded by Hendrik Hey, is pleased to announce its free interactive Metaverse platform, Mediaverse, is ‘making the web three dimensional’, while also offering a free social community and emphasis on media and entertainment.

The Mediaverse is converting global content consumption and making three-dimensional distribution a realization. What makes it standout is that the user is not treated like a digital product anymore in regard to marketing and advertising. In turn, digital personalities are rewarded with 50% of platform revenue. The MILC metaverse welcomes consumers, media, creators and advertisers alike to join and partake in a community of like-minded individuals.

The MILC project has set its sights on solving four fundamental challenges facing the global multimedia industry as we know it. The first, worldwide video content availability, complex licensing and chain of rights, discovery processes for buyers and early audience feedback.

For the first time, MILC will be bridging the audience directly with the content creators, distributors and buyers. The audience will directly impact and receive benefits as a result of the creation and media distribution of high-quality and top-tier content, otherwise not available outside of the metaverse. In fact, the platform will be open to anyone, while offering a truly free market to users. Additionally, the platform is expected to surpass the 20 million user mark by the end of 2023.

“The world of content trading must become faster, more equitable, profitable, and increasingly accessible for everyone,” said Hey. “Above all else, it must also be transparent for both the professionals and everyday users.”

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About MILC

Hendrik Hey is the founder of MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), a content distribution and licensing platform creating a new expression of media and entertainment in the third dimension. Hey also founded European media giant Welt der Wunder more than 25 years ago and is responsible for producing breakthrough and award-winning content that has redefined the entertainment industry.

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