Songwriter Allison Kane Combats Bullying & Heartache With Music

February 01 09:09 2023
Allison Kane’s new music and documentary showcases a rollercoaster of struggles and emotions.

Allison’s latest documentary outlines how she uses her songwriting and singing skills to express herself through recording and producing music.

Primarily focused around being bullied as a child, Allison explains in her one hour documentary what drove her to write specific songs on the latest album. Exploring various issues and subjects, from losing a boyfriend in ‘Ghost Me’, to anti-bully anthem ‘Petty Bitch’, her songs are definitely charged with emotion and energy. Not for the faint hearted, her style at times can be slightly aggressive, but this cements further the deep passion she is trying to convey with her artistry.

Allison’s music style is a hybrid of Rock and Hip-Hop, and has carved her own unique lane in this new genre. Trap style beats and guitars can often be heard within her songs as well, as she toggles between spitting bars and singing melodic verses.

On tracks like ‘Demonstrate’, Allison shows a slightly lighter side to her music. Primarily a pop, R&B type number – it could draw a slightly different audience in from some of the more lyric intense, rap infused songs. The track is more on the lines of the Mariah song that was featured in her documentary, which showcases Allison playing the piano!

The documentary also showcases the behind the scenes work that goes into the whole project. For an independent artist; the shows, choreography, dancers and effort that goes into everything is second to none – she really puts her heart and soul into everything. In addition, the pyrotechnics and live band setup used in her live show looks equally impressive, rivaling that of her major-label competitors.

Her music and video journey will definitely inspire others to do the same. With mental health issues being highlighted more than ever, it’s important artists like Allison continue to give visibility to these issues. Thus destigmatizing mental health conversation, and providing a way of escapism for music enthusiasts.

It already looks like Allison Kane is playing to some impressive crowds! It will definitely be interesting to see where her storytelling takes her next.





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