Bin-Type Intelligent Four-Way Shuttle | Hegerls Same-Layer Multi-Vehicle Four-Way Vehicle Storage System for E-Commerce Medical Industry

January 31 10:58 2023

As we all know, the HEGERLS bin four-way shuttle is an epoch-making innovative logistics robot product, which breaks through the bottlenecks of bin access systems such as bin stacker and multi-layer linear shuttle in terms of autonomous scheduling, path optimization, system efficiency, space constraints, etc., and establishes the leading position of Hebei Walker in the field of intelligent bin access solutions.

The characteristics of the Hagrid HEGERLS four-way shuttle system are that the core equipment adopts modular and standardized design to easily cope with business expansion, adopts deep learning heuristic search algorithm, builds simplified path planning, high-order S curve planning control technology and 5G communication technology, ensures the efficiency and safety of the operating equipment, high cost performance, reduces customer investment costs, optimizes resource utilization, and can be applied to various turnover boxes Cartons and other goods with flat bottom, certain supporting force and not easy to deform.

The biggest difference between the HEGERLS bin type four-way shuttle and the traditional access equipment is the concept of “layer”. The key behind this innovation is the scheduling algorithm, which not only perfectly solves the problem of access efficiency, but also flexibly adjusts the operation path and car allocation, and solves the bottleneck problem of the traditional multi-layer shuttle car on the elevator through task assignment, scheduling coordination, path traffic control and dynamic management of the car in the access system.

Before the emergence of the Hagrid HEGERLS four-way shuttle car, the traditional multi-layer shuttle car can handle the demand of large flow. It requires a car in each lane of each layer to ensure that the vehicles do not overlap or cross the path, but this will result in a large number of equipment and relatively high cost. Since its establishment, Hebei Walker has chosen to provide the four-way shuttle system with higher complexity and greater difficulty. At the same time, the subsequent research and development, production and use are keeping pace with the pace of the technology era, and in order to meet the needs of the customers of various enterprises in different industries, the concept of “multiple vehicles on the same floor” is put forward in the field of four-way shuttle vehicle scheduling to meet the flexible scheduling under the premise of large traffic operations.

The HEGERLS four-way shuttle car in the multi-car mode on the same floor breaks the “fixed zone” mode and makes its four-way shuttle car have the function of cross-region operation. At the same time, the problem that the number of cars can be flexibly configured is also set, so that cars can be replaced with each other to ensure more flexibility in car configuration. In the same shelf, the four-way shuttle car’s collision avoidance mode function in different scenarios is also enabled. One is to avoid the intersection of vehicle paths in the initial planning, and the other is to avoid the collision between vehicles in the face of unexpected intersection in the initial planning implementation process.

The Hercules HEGERLS four-way shuttle can travel in four directions, which greatly increases the flexibility of the site applicability, and also makes full use of the space of the irregular site. This four-way shuttle intelligent robot can not only greatly improve the space utilization rate, but also have higher adaptability in many old warehouse reconstruction.

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