Dragony Rising by Michael Stephen Daigle is a Hard-Hitting Police Thriller that Explores the State of Justice, Corruption and Human Nature in America Today

January 30 14:38 2023
Dragony Rising by Michael Stephen Daigle is a Hard-Hitting Police Thriller that Explores the State of Justice, Corruption and Human Nature in America Today
Michael Stephen Daigle’s, Dragony Rising follows seasoned Detective Frank Nagler in a race against time to uncover the mystery behind a downtown bombing and protect his beloved city.

Michael Stephen Daigle’s Dragony Rising is the masterful fifth installment of the Frank Nagler Mystery series. A powerful work of crime fiction, the story follows Detective Frank Nagler and his allies as they work to uncover a deep-rooted conspiracy that threatens the safety and sanctity of the fictional town in which they live, Ironton, New Jersey. A story about trust, illusion, power and redemption, Frank must come face to face with the city’s rampant and widespread corruption, and, along the way, protect those who can be trusted and expose those who cannot.

As the fifth book in a mystery series, the city of Ironton, N.J. and characters live in my head. [With Dragony Rising] I wanted to give [readers] more to hang onto with a more threatening story,” says author Michael Stephen Daigle. An award-winning journalist and author, Daigle’s work ranges from critically-acclaimed fiction to a weekly column that focused on big issues related to the government, crime, the environment, and history. With Dragony Rising, his goal was to turn his experience into a dramatic work of fiction that would pull readers into a compelling story and give them a reason to invest in what happened next. “I wanted to challenge myself to answer this question: Can a cop mystery read like a Great American novel?

Dragony Rising opens with a massive explosion that rocks the city. The recently sold block of Warren Street in downtown Ironton has been leveled and a 15-year old cold case resurfaces. As pieces of the case unfold, subtle connections begin forming between seemingly disparate elements including real estate investor, Taylor Mangot II and the shadowy Dragon Alliance group. With help from the city planner and his companion, Lauren Fox, and police lieutenant, Maria Ramirez, Frank soon learns that the truth behind this devastating crime is far more complicated than it seems and dates back much longer than he could have ever expected.

Told at a break-neck pace and filled with unforgettable characters, Daigle’s unparalleled penchant for storytelling shines through every word of this series finale.  Detective Frank Nagler is a carefully crafted lead that readers will understand and relate to, yet Daigle refuses to rely on his charm alone. The result is a rich and complex narrative that sees humanity in everything — even in corruption. Just as the series protagonist has grown with time, so too has its writer. Daigle is at the height of his literary prowess, employing strikingly cinematic descriptions to guide readers along an intricately woven storyline they won’t soon forget.

Dragony Rising has received positive reviews from well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world. Kirkus Reviews writes, “Daigle’s series, in which the decaying Ironton is as rich a character as Frank, continues with this epic installment. The plot distills motifs that have hijacked American discourse for several years…the narrative weaves in details from previous volumes that add emotional color. This crackling series installment provides a wide-angle shot of society and generations in conflict.”

Daigle displays his uncanny ability to weave a myriad of plotlines into a labyrinthine tale of deadly machinations, astounding epiphanies, and complex circumstances with multi- tiered consequences. Available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Nook and other online bookstores, readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today: https://www.amazon.com/Dragony-Rising-Frank-Nagler-Novel/dp/1944653236

About the Author

Michael Stephen Daigle lives in N.J. with his family. He was an award-winning journalist for more than three decades. After graduation from Binghamton University, he wrote his first novel at 22, and a second at 24. The second one years later became the first book of his Frank Nagler Mystery series: “The Swamps of Jersey” (2014); “A Game Called Dead” (2016); “The Weight of Living” (2017), ADD: “The Red Hand (2019); and Dragony Rising, (2022).

The Frank Nagler series follows the story of Ironton N.J. Detective Frank Nagler as he solves crimes and tries to sort out his troubled life.

He is a life-long dog lover and Boston sports fan. To learn more, please visit: www.michaelstephendaigle.com

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