“Happy Spring Festival – Where to play in Jining Spring Festival?” H5 lights up the Spring Festival holiday

January 30 18:33 2023

To celebrate New Year’s Festival, search for the memory of Jining New Year’s flavor and make it more meaningful.On January 20, the Jining Culture and Tourism Bureau launched the interactive experience of H5 “Happy Spring Festival – Where to play during the Jining Spring Festival?” https://web.byteup.cn/jncj/en/#/



H5 is launched synchronously on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms in five languages:Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese and Korean.Let Chinese and people from all over the world experience the unique cultural customs and tourism charm from “Jining, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius” in the cloud from multiple angles and in all directions, and feel the strong flavor of the year.



In 2023, “Happy Spring Festival – Where to play during the Spring Festival in Jining?” H5 is divided into three parts: “Staying home for the New Year”, “Touring for the New Year” and “Go through history and celebrate the New Year”.Among them, “Staying home for the New Year” is an interactive game, which lets you feel the charm of Jining New Year through writing Spring Festival couplets, Stick door god, cutting window flowers, setting off firecrackers and other interactive games.”Touring for the New Year” is a cultural and tourism publicity category, taking Jining cultural and tourism resources as the carrier, leading people to travel around Jining, understand Jining, and love Jining.”Go through history and celebrate the New Year” is a popular science picture and text category, relying on the six arts (ritual, music, shooting, imperial, calligraphy, and number) to let friends at home and abroad understand the connotation of the six arts and feel the charm of Confucian culture.



H5 presents Jining New Year Festival customs, Confucius Six Arts Culture, and classic tourism resources in a sophisticated and interesting style in various forms such as hand-painting, illustration, graphics and text,While presenting the bustling Jining New Year to the people at home and abroad, it also shows the long history, splendid culture and high-quality tourism products of Jining, making everyone feel the blending of Jining culture and folk customs.



In 2023, the Jining Culture and Tourism Bureau will continue to adhere to the principle of high station, multiple perspectives, multimedia, full coverage and publicity,Make use of various types of publicity platforms such as foreign video websites and social media to make new attempts and breakthroughs in publicity and promotion and tourism marketing,Carry out multi-level, high-density and full-coverage publicity and promotion with the perspective of the whole media, tell the story of Jining well in the world language, spread the voice of Jining, and make every effort to improve the popularity, reputation and influence of Jining at home and abroad.

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