NeoVista Offers The Best Clinical Diagnosis And Examination Of Thoracic Syndrome For Patients

January 28 10:24 2023

NeoVista aims to offer the best diagnosis and examination for TOS patients.

NeoVista® is a highly accurate and unique MRI examination explicitly designed for patients suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms. The NeoVista® MRI protocol stands out from other MRI’s as it provides detailed, specific and accurate information related to thoracic outlet syndrome that is not readily available from a standard TOS MRI examination. Apart from helping to diagnose and define TOS, NeoVista® provides unique services to TOS patients and their doctors.

After each examination, they provide ongoing value-added services to patients and physicians, the hallmark of the NeoVista® team, which is highly professional and has the widest experience related to thoracic outlet syndrome. Although diagnosing thoracic outlet syndrome is difficult, NeoVista® thoracic outlet syndrome radiologists analyze each type of TOS, vascular and neurogenic, specifically so that TOS treating clinicians can plan and provide optimal treatment to patients to achieve the best outcomes. The interpreting radiologist ensures the treating physicians have information that will positively impact individual care for each patient’s individual case.    

At you may learn about thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms, thoracic outlet syndrome tests, exercises, how to find a TOS specialist, as well as treatment options for TOS. “While thoracic outlet syndrome can cause very serious disease, an experienced thoracic outlet syndrome specialist, like those at NeoVista® can speed up accurate diagnosis and treatment of TOS,” shares Scott Werden M.D. the Founder of NeoVista®.

Moreover, along with providing diagnosis and examination services, NeoVista® urges patients to have an accurate and timely diagnosis of TOS which will make a critical difference in their treatment outcomes. To provide the best information and most accurate diagnosis for TOS, NeoVista is committed to offering the most reliable thoracic outlet syndrome tests for patients.

Using groundbreaking technology and the thought leaders in treating TOS, provides the latest videos featuring noted TOS speakers to share education for patients and doctors. Since its introduction, over 3000 patients have undergone the NeoVista examination. The impact that has on patients with thoracic outlet syndrome continues to expand as patients share their experience. 

“The NeoVista MRI examination was first performed in San Francisco in 2004. An intensive ongoing surgical observation and correlation program, clinical follow-up, and close feedback from clinical TOS physicians and surgeons have led to multiple refinements and patents for the unique NeoVista® MRI examination. TOS patients will benefit from our endless dedication to improving the diagnosis of TOS” adds Scott Werden, the Founder of NeoVista®.

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