Regal Living, LLC CEO Rashiid K. Coleman’s newly released book, “Dream Weaving: 18 Simple Keys to Fulfill Your Dreams,” is a fundamental guide to unlocking the power of dreams to achieve greatness.

January 28 08:51 2023
Life strategist, coach, speaker, president, and CEO of Regal Living, LLC, Rashiid K. Coleman, provides a refreshing look at dream fulfillment in his new book, “Dream Weaving: 18 Simple Keys to Fulfill Your Dreams.”

Every person contemplates their life’s meaning, purpose, destiny, dreams, and visions. More often than not, people tend to give up on finding true meaning, especially when they are torn between two opposing notions. To help people reconcile these struggles in their lives, Rashiid K. Coleman is pleased to announce the release of his latest book. “Dream Weaving: 18 Simple Keys to Fulfill Your Dreams” is now available. The book provides a detailed guide to dream weaving, helping people understand their dreams and visions to open up their paths to greatness and happiness.

From the book

In the book, Rashiid outlines people’s struggle when trying to find where they fit in the grand scheme of things. He shares how many people feel devoid of a sense of purpose or dream, which leaves them to just go through the motions of life, discouraged and unfulfilled. On the other side are people who believe they have a dream but hesitate to take action due to fear of what lies ahead. Everyone is searching for something in life, and Rashiid’s book is a blueprint for true manifestation. The book answers all the questions to help people realize the true power of dreams and offers keys to demystifying the fog surrounding dreams and visions.

With 18 simple steps outlined in the book, Rashiid breaks down dream weaving into a simple concept that can transform skeptics into dream weavers. The book will help people understand what dreams mean, how to manifest dreams and visions, reach their peak potential, find their purpose, and unlock long-term greatness and happiness. 

Rashiid outlines principles and practical insights that empower people to identify or manifest their dreams. This way, individuals can attract the life they desire. His step-by-step approach takes on a coaching model that first addresses any underlying negativities and resistances into positivity. What Rashiid has found in his experience and reveals through this book is how the power of dreams is often underplayed, yet they can bring about life-changing transformations. Embracing dreams bring out an awareness, certainty, and confidence that equips people to weave their dreams, unlocking life beyond what they thought possible.

Even as the book centers around dream weaving, Rashiid highlights the importance of action. “Dreams are powerful things. They inspire us to reach for the stars and strive for greatness. But as we all know, dreams alone are not enough to bring about real change. It takes action to turn dreams into reality.” Rashiid also dives into ways people can take action, from goal setting, overcoming fear and doubt, self-confidence, being motivated, and cultivating a solid support system.

What readers are saying

Readers have described the book as a brilliantly written self-improvement masterpiece that provides a clear road map to living a life beyond comprehension. The book is an enlightening read that reveals life-changing insights through relatable text. Rashiid has been credited for his excellent teaching technique and clarity in the book that takes people on a journey of self-discovery. After reading the first two chapters, the masterpiece outlines the keys to dream fulfillment, putting people on a path of organized success and wholeness.

To learn all about dream weaving and how to take action on dreams, grab a copy of Rashiid’s “Dream Weaving: 18 Simple Keys to Fulfill Your Dreams.”

About the author, Rashiid K. Coleman

Rashiid K. Coleman is the President and CEO of Regal Living, LLC, a personal development company that helps people live their best lives by providing practical guides that reinforce holistic personal development. He is also a life coach, strategist, renowned speaker, credited musician, producer, singer, songwriter, devoted teacher, revered pastor, author, and transformational leader.

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