Father and son duo introduce Fridge Friend, a revolutionary food waste and preservation solution.

January 27 20:36 2023
Fridge Friend is helping families save money and reducing food waste, one fridge at a time.

Global food security and sustainability are facing massive challenges, and part of these challenges is food waste. According to the National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study, food waste costs the Australian economy about $36.6 billion annually. This translates to $2000 per household, a hefty charge for families amid the rising cost of living. The study detailed that one in five grocery bags are thrown away in Australian households. This is not only a food waste issue; the accrued waste generates up to 17.5 million tonnes of CO2, drastically hurting the planet.

One of the most significant changes people can make for the sake of the environment is reducing food waste. Studies have shown that this massive food waste problem is a result of lacking preservation methods. To counter this challenge, Jonathan and Nic Roberts, a father and son duo, have launched Fridge Friend, a revolutionary food waste and preservation solution. Fridge Friend seeks to help people reduce food waste as its one of the best ways families can save money and the most powerful way households impact climate change.

Fridge Friend is a scientifically-backed filter that keeps produce fresh for longer. Described as a friend to households and the planet, Fridge Friend increases the shelf-life of perishable foods by up to 169%. The filter works by filtering contaminated air, water, and particles through a 100% natural mineral compound. When placed inside a fridge, the filter’s unique honeycomb structure absorbs 79% of ethylene gas and 85% of bacteria and odors. This helps extend the life of fresh produce in a non-toxic and safe way.

According to the founders, Jonathan and Nic, Fridge Friend transforms families into eco-conscious consumers who have the opportunity to save more money by enjoying their groceries for longer. Fridge Friend technology delivers a superior solution that preserves the freshness and natural value of groceries.

Fridge Friend is quickly becoming a household favorite in Australia, with plans to expand globally. This simple and affordable solution is committed to helping solve the food waste problem and contribute to global food security and sustainability.

Besides providing a working solution to food waste and preservation, the duo is passionate about establishing a carbon-neutral business by using 100% recyclable products, packaging, and inserts. Fridge Friend is also passionately tackling climate change and supporting communities. Fridge Friend supports OzHarvest, the leading food rescue organization in Australia. For every Fridge Friend sold, $3 is contributed to OzHarvest to prevent the waste of 3kg of good quality food that can provide up to six meals for families in need.

As the founders introduce the revolutionary solution to the world, Jonathon calls for the support of Fridge Friend, asking people to be friends to their fridge and the planet to make a difference.

Visit the website or follow Fridge Friend on Instagram and Facebook to support and learn more about the scientifically-backed filter.

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