Launched And Funded On Kickstarter, Dynasty TCG, A New Battlefield Card Game

January 27 14:16 2023
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a battlefield simulation trading card game that challenges players to forge a dynasty!


Hin Chi Cheung, an entrepreneur and game developer from Kenilworth, UK, has announced an exciting crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support the release of Dynasty TCG – Operation Rising Phoenix, his latest trading card game. It was launched January 22nd and has been funded in just 4 days raising over £20,000.

As the newest battlefield simulation trading card game to come to market, Dynasty TCG promises to provide hours of engaging, strategy-filled gameplay. Players will be tasked with building their card desks, taking control of their armies, and making strategic battle calls from the barracks in order to dominate opponents, command champions, and forge an everlasting dynasty. 

Each army, composed of different melee, reach, mobile, and ranged units, will have an integrated movement system with unique attack range, and units must be strategically positioned and used to pave one’s way through the battlefield. Along the way, players will also need to successfully balance different cards, including item cards that deliver life-changing advantages to one’s warriors and environment cards that alter the playing field with challenging obstacles, to forgo their dynasty and conquer their opponents. The game is played on a beautifully designed game field and provides an essence of real world battle, where you feel like the commander in control.

To learn more and support Dynasty TCG, please visit:

Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to continue game development. Starting today, pledge as little as £10 to show your support. Other specific rewards, including limited edition cards, card decks, play mats, and game dice, are also available, but may be limited. Act fast and visit the Kickstarter campaign page today.


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Hin Chi Cheung is an entrepreneur and game developer from Kenilworth, UK. He recently launched a second crowdfunding campaign after his first successful launch for Dynasty TCG in 2022 on Kickstarter, a new battlefield simulation trading card game.

An article regarding Hinchis Dynasty TCG Business achievements at Nottingham Trent University 


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