Ryan Treacy CEO of the Paintbrush Holster has finally announced a never been seen before Paintbrush product.

January 27 17:42 2023
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Brand: Paintbrush Holster

CEO Ryan Treacy will be releasing a new revolutionary product to the DIY and professional painting industry.Treacy offers a new and “never seen before” professional way to carry and secure a wet/dry paintbrush.

This amazing product is called the Paintbrush Holster. This unique new system offers exceptional convenience and safety to long overdue problems that have effected millions of painters for decades.

As a professional contractor, Ryan Treacy has knowledge in many sectors of the industry. This product will bring tool safety to a whole new level – one that is unmatched with anything out on the market today.

Statistics show – and professional painters agree – it’s a game changer for the many issues and safety concerns they face on a daily basis. Home renovators and DIY’ers rave about the simplicity of convenience it offers. The Paintbrush Holster takes the worry out of painting.

2023 Ryan Treacy, the Founder/Inventor of the Paintbrush Holster system, and CEO of Thinking Forward Innovations LLC in Lakeland, Florida, has announced that a revolutionary new way of painting is about to hit the market. Treacy will be launching the Paintbrush Holster in mid-2023 to the public.

Ryan Treacy has over 25 years of professional knowledge in the painting and construction industry. These years have given him the ability to recognize painting concerns and safety issues painters face each and every day. Treacy talks about how we have reached record numbers with ladder accidents, which have reached as high as 170,000, with approximately 300 deaths every year in the United States of America. On Treacy’s website, paintbrushholster.shop, he describes his own close call with death on a 60′ ladder 40′ up involving a paint brush.

About Ryan Treacy

Ryan Treacy is a professional in new innovation/design and functionality that improves efficiency in the DIY and professional painting industry.

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Company Name: Thinking Forward Innovations
Contact Person: Ryan Treacy
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.paintbrushholster.shop/

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