Marketing expert and CEO of FT Marketing Francesca Taraddei provides simple direct response marketing solutions designed for Dubai service businesses.

January 24 22:36 2023
Francesca Taraddei reveals proven techniques and secrets for businesses in Dubai to get real results with marketing.

Marketing is at the heart of every business operation. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses do not know how to level up their marketing efforts to boost lead generation and increase their net profit. Francesca Taraddei shares her professional observation of the Dubai business scene, explaining that many businesses remain lost in crowded spaces, which is why she moved to Dubai to help businesses drive profit.

Francesca Taraddei is a marketing expert in Dubai, a certified marketing strategist, a direct response copywriter, CEO of FT Marketing International, and author of “How to Get Customers in Dubai.” Her marketing career has built her experience and expertise, making her a sought-after marketing expert. In 2019, she moved to Dubai to help small and medium-sized businesses nail their marketing efforts for success in an increasingly digital era.

Before moving to Dubai, Taraddei researched the marketing space, drawing comparisons between the US and Dubai. Her experience, having served over 3000 businesses in the last five years, revealed a huge need for more information and awareness on marketing techniques and trends in Dubai. “There are so many misconceptions and false beliefs about marketing,” says Taraddei. “Nobody is providing these business owners with real and effective strategies, tangible results, and sales.”

Looking at the situation she came from in the US and the one in Dubai, Taraddei quickly realized the need for Dubai business owners to overhaul their marketing approaches to incorporate direct response marketing – a marketing approach that service businesses in Dubai need to effectively promote what they offer, especially in a competitive and dynamic environment like Dubai. Since most business owners heavily relied on poorly done advertising promoted as effective marketing by Dubai marketing agencies, Taraddei committed herself to helping businesses rethink their marketing strategies.

By leveraging and integrating emergent and transformative marketing techniques that elevate businesses, Taraddei has successfully transformed many Dubai service businesses from soulless marketing efforts to true customer-centricity. Taraddei has developed thousands of Customer Generation System models to help businesses in any niche succeed.

In her book, “How to Get Customers in Dubai,” Taraddei details her mission to translate marketing trends into opportunities for service businesses in Dubai to meet customer expectations with a ready-to-go Customer Generation System. With her expertise in establishing, building, and scaling service and consulting businesses in any industry or niche, Taraddei is revolutionizing lead generation in Dubai. Being a direct response copywriter, she has explored various topics ranging from strategies for Dubai service businesses to increase sales, lead generation techniques, influencer and CTA marketing, and many other creative marketing techniques for success in Dubai.

To stay ahead of the marketing curve, Taraddei investigates marketing shifts and trends to uncover meaningful and profitable opportunities to help clients drive profits. “Our top priority is to increase your net profit by bringing in more clients and sales to boost revenue.”

Interested in leveraging the power of direct response marketing? Reach out to Francesca Taraddei and the expert team at FT Marketing.

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