Karcure, the Internet’s first fully automated service for auto warranty shares how to stop Auto Warranty calls for good.

January 11 19:54 2023
A simple guide to stop those annoying calls for good.

Have you ever received an unsolicited call from an extended auto warranty company? Many have, they are annoying, and often scams. Why do companies use car warranty scam calls?

Short answer: because it works! The Federal Communications Commission reports that auto warranty robocalls make the top list of complaints in 2020. The trend has continued to rise between then and now. You can be sure these crooks are making a lot of money, or they would have stopped using this tactic. You can use many options to stop robocalls and other despicable marketing practices. These are: The best way to deal with this is to ignore calls from an unsaved number. However, this technique can also affect legitimate people in your life who use other people’s phone numbers to call you, especially in emergencies.

A safer alternative would be to pick calls but hang up when you hear a recorded message or a scammy pitch. However, if the caller ID says ‘private number’ or ‘unknown caller,’ you are better off ignoring the call. A lot of people fall for spam calls because the caller sounds legitimate. In cases where the warranty company has done some research, they could give specific details like the make of your car and year of purchase. They often get this info from data mining companies, dealerships, and auto repair shops. Dont fall for it, anyone calling to sell you a car warranty, has no legal right to do so.

And you are not alone in despising these unscrupulous actors. That’s why we created Karcure.com. A safe way for car owners to get reliable repair plans.The auto warranty industry gets a bad reputation, no thanks to the spammy warranty companies popping up everywhere.

We provide a platform where car owners can get the most affordable and transparent auto warranties. Instead of using unscrupulous means like spammy sales tactics, or pressure points, we provide helpful, relevant, and legitimate content on how to get the best auto warranties.

You can explore our website for direct access to the cheapest and most transparent auto warranties. You can also explore our blog for other resources and guides to help you get the most out of your car, and protect yourself from corrupt telemarketers. Learn more at https://www.karcure.com/

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