Tooth & Honey: Making Dog Clothing that Gives Back to Rescues

January 11 18:15 2023
Adorable pajamas and accessories made for bully breed dogs

January 11, 2023 – The story is usually the same: animal rescues and dog shelters fill up quick with misunderstood bully breeds: large dogs with a stigma for aggression. Some unprepared or unfit large dog owners say pitpbull-type dogs cannot be tamed, but this is entirely false. The fact is, large dogs (especially bully breeds) are simply feared by those not meant to own them–hence the negative stereotype.

Pitbulls and look-alike pups are muscular by nature which means big, warm cuddles and more dependable home security… usually. Tooth & Honey materializes the nature and peaceful spirit in bully breeds, inspiring more large dog adoptions with soft, therapeutic styles for dog and human clothing.

Leaning into the booming eCommerce market, Tooth & Honey fills a need some dog owners will never understand, and that is pitbulls need clothing, too. It’s easy to call a pitbull in a shirt equally funny and cute, but it’s no laughing matter when clothes help protect from the elements. Some dogs have sensitive skin conditions or get cold easily–no matter why, Tooth & Honey can wrap up any large dog in style.

Tooth & Honey has donated hundreds of items of clothing and accessories to shelters, foster homes and rescues, for dogs in need. The merchandise is proving to spark an uptick in bully breed adoptions. Dogs can feel more comfortable emotionally and physically when clothed in a shelter. Perhaps clothes by Tooth & Honey are like comfort objects, serving dogs’ general well-being while inspiring adopters to see the gentle side that often goes unnoticed.

“At a local dog-friendly bar not too long ago,” wrote dog mom Allison, “a gentleman noticed [Gouda’s rainbow unicorn] shirt and complimented him… Then tentatively reached out to pet Gouda, who wiggled and leaned up against him for more scratches… The gentleman alluded to the negative stereotypes of [pitbulls] and noted that Gouda was the exact opposite of those stereotypes. We like to think that through this one interaction, Gouda (and his Tooth & Honey shirt & collar) changed this man’s perception of pit bull type dogs.”

A dog and its owner can absolutely count as a power couple. Match pajamas, Tee shirts or shop leggings with a sweater–mix it up and play with patterns if that feels right. Pitties and bully breeds deserve the same chance at adoption as any other kind of dog. Tooth & Honey is changing how people adopt large dogs for the family.

About Tooth & Honey

Tooth & Honey is a small business creating adorable dog clothing for pitbull-type dogs. A percentage of sales goes toward supporting animal rescues and spay and neuter clinics.

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