Finally, There Is A Simple Alternative To Expensive Surgery

January 11 15:48 2023

Integrative Health Solutions (IHS) is proud to introduce former Pittsburgh Steeler Robin Cole as the company’s spokesperson for natural alternatives to surgery.

A former professional football player, Robin Cole has experienced his fair share of ‘car wrecks’ in terms of smashing into lineman on the field for over 11 seasons as the linebacker for the Steelers. After receiving countless steroid injections, and rehab not getting lasting results,  and upon searching for an alternative to knee replacement surgery that was both effective and affordable, he found himself at IHS in Clearwater, Florida – and the results were so good that he volunteered to become the integrative health solutions spokesperson so he can educate and share his experience with others that may be struggling with aching low back, and knee pain.

IHS specializes in providing safe and non-invasive procedures in order to eliminate chronic pain without the need for costly surgeries or long recoveries. The company proudly boasts a wide range of services designed to suit individual needs, and depending on the case, it can provide relief with little or no downtime involved. This makes their offerings particularly attractive for those who have seen little results from traditional treatments.

The CEO of Integrative Health Solutions, Dr. Damon Stafford DC is passionate about spreading awareness of the potential IHS offers: “We are so excited to have Robin Cole join us as our spokesperson; not only is he a great athlete who embodies perseverance, but also a true testament to how effectively our services work.

We want people suffering from chronic pain regardless of its cause to know that there are alternatives other than surgery or medications – and they may also have get great results”.

In addition to offering an array of non-surgical treatments such as non surgical spinal decompression, hyperbaric chamber, regenerative therapy and chiropractic care, IHS also provides laser therapy which has been proven effective in relieving pain due to torn ligaments and tendons as well as degenerative joint disease,  and rheumatoid arthritis among others.

For anyone looking for a more comprehensive solution however, IHS also offers Medical Treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and ozone therapy – a revolutionary treatment in which O3 and platelets from the patient’s own blood are used to stimulate healing directly at the site of injury.

So if you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain that persists despite traditional methods of treatment, Integrative Health Solutions may be able to help – so why not visit:

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