Anniel Manso, CEO And Founder Of Florida Credit Firm, Leading The Credit Repair Industry

January 11 15:24 2023

Interview with the CEO of Florida Credit Firm, Anniel Manso shares insights on Florida Credit Firm Foundation.

Anniel Manso quickly became one of the leading credit repair entrepreneurs because of his hard work, dedication, and work ethic.

In our recent Interview with Anniel Manso, he shares the reason his company came to light:

Anniel Manso mentioned:

At the age of 20-year-old, one night, I come from work, and I saw my mother was concerned she had lost over 100 points on her credit report. I started looking into the problem and found, there was not only a mistake on her credit report, but inaccurate information.

I dedicated more than 5 hours every night for over a year after getting back from work and studying to find the best way to help my mother and her credit issues. I gradually became familiar with the (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act and (FCPA) Fair Credit Collection Act. 

I spent countless hours reading, researching, and educating myself about all laws regarding Credit and the Legal way to correct and remove all inaccurate information from my mother’s credit report.

After several months working on my mother’s Credit, there was a significant improvement of over 100 points on her credit score and negative accounts removed. Utilizing the proper laws, violations, and inaccuracies I was able to restore my mother’s credit back to 700’s credit score.

At 21, I decided to make soft lunch for my own Credit Repair Company. I started working on family members’ Credit and friends at no cost.

By the age of 22, on March 4, 2015, I had a few employees working for me, and I decided to lunch “Florida Credit Firm”.

Anniel Manso started Florida Credit Firm in 2015 for one reason: to provide his clients with the best quality service and build their Credit in the fastest time possible.

Anniel Manso dedicates up to 14 hours daily to working on client’s files, talking to clients, and studying FDCPA / FCRA laws and violations to obtain the best results possible for all his clients.

Since 2015, Anniel Manso and Florida Credit Firm have assisted clients in the dispute process and credit repair process, eliminating over 17 million dollars’ worth of collections, helping over 4,000 clients obtain a 750+ credit score, and keeping healthier credit habits after the Dispute process was done.

When it comes to Credit, Anniel Manso knows the loopholes of FCRA and FCDPA best to deliver excellent results to his clients.

Anniel Manso founded Florida Credit Firm in 2015 when he was 22. Still, at a younger age, he mentioned, he always wanted to help his community and make a difference in the world.

If you need a credit repair company or credit repair services, call Florida Credit Firm. They are not only qualified to help you with 5-star services and outstanding results but licensed and bonded for all client’s peace of mind.

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