LOZICS Provides Trusted ERP Logistics and Transport Booking Tools

December 02 01:45 2022
LOZICS, a highly effective transport and logistics management software, offers transport booking solutions.

Digital tools serve as resourceful solutions for organizations and businesses involved in logistics or transport operations. LOZICS is a reliable logistics and transport ERP software providing companies with the solutions they need to digitize their activities. The logistics and transport ERP software were developed by BNG Infotech Private Limited, a recognized and innovative company dedicated to providing the logistics, fleet, and transport industry with affordable and value-for-money technological ERP software solutions. Through LOZICS, business owners can organize and monitor their operations without any hassle. Some of the solutions and features provided by the software help with matters involving orders, freight forwarding, receivables, marketing, payroll, billing, driver management, trip, and fuel.

In response to a query about LOZICS, the spokesperson commented, “Our software can be used as SaaS and can also be used on all mobile devices. We want to provide all our customers with easy access to tools that can help them handle their businesses seamlessly. Our software was developed by combining years of research with the skills of domain experts. By taking our time to understand and gather information on what the logistics and transport space requires, we were able to integrate LOZICS with different modules, options, and features that can take care of wide-ranging matters by simply clicking a few buttons.”

LOZICS offers solutions that transport and logistics companies can rely on in dealing with many of their business problems. The software also allows them to improve their services and develop better procedures in their operations. With the different features available in the software, companies can be sure to meet their goals. The software has assisted over 300 companies with digitizing their business operations. Transport and logistics companies can be sure to thrive and stay ahead in the industry where they serve, as the major function and purpose of the software are to help its users succeed. Logistics companies can also provide their customers with the LOZICS portal so they can easily track their goods and view their bill. Those searching for a trusted online transport booking system can give LOZICS a try.

The spokesperson added, “Our software was made to help businesses with various logistics and transport activities. It is fully integrated with third-party systems using API that permits the use of barcode-enabled features, validate GSTIN, generate GST-compliant eWay bills, and track vehicle location while tracking docket. Its ERP logistics solution has different modules that may not be needed by small logistics companies yet but would be useful when they grow. For instance, LOZICS’ third-party logistics warehouse management system helps with maintaining the stock records of multiple customers of third-party logistics providers. It helps with matters involving inventory tracking, pickup, and put away.”

As a trusted and web-based ERP logistics and transport management tool, LOZICS’ transport management system provides solutions for contract management, lorry hire, crossing, bill submission, and others.


LOZICS is a trusted logistics transportation management software that can be used by various transport and logistics companies.

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