Meminto Captures the Stories of a Lifetime to Create Personal Biographies for Meaningful Gifts and Keepsakes

November 24 19:39 2022
Many people have lost loved ones and lamented not recording stories while they had a chance. With Meminto, not only are those stories preserved, but they come packaged in a printed keepsake book.

Meminto Stories offers a way to capture the complete picture of a loved one’s life in a biographical book rather than snapshots of single moments. Personalized gifts are more advanced than ever, and Meminto’s digital assistant takes users through a guided interview process in just ten minutes a day. In this way, a book can be completed in as little as a few days or weeks.

With a Meminto Stories gift package, give the rare gift sure to give back. Preserve the moments that should never be forgotten for future generations. Show loved ones care and attention working through the interview process together and paint a complete picture of their life in a beautiful keepsake book. 

“Meminto focuses on your complete stories, not just snapshots,” company founder Albert Bruckmann said. “Stories about your life, about your kids growing up, special trips, or about your relationship and wedding.”

Get started with Meminto

Many people have considered writing down their life stories but stall when trying to find a place to start. Meminto’s artificial intelligence helps users get creative and improve their writing style. Each book begins with 52 questions, and families are encouraged to gather and add personalized questions to bring up their favorite stories.

“Questions can be expanded or customized as you wish,” representatives said. “You’ll have a lot of fun doing it together!”

Capture a loved one’s special moments with Meminto Stories 

Meminto Stories guides users through an interview process, asking interesting questions about their lives to capture the moments that should never be forgotten. Pass down family history to future generations with printed books commemorating a life well lived.

“What do you want to write about?”

Meminto Stories make memorable, meaningful gifts for friends and family. Select one of the premade Meminto themes, and the digital assistant will guide the interview process to remember a life full of precious, beautiful moments.

–  Life
Chronicle one’s own life — or make it possible for a parent, grandparent, or relative.

–  Kids
Remember the special moments that make a lifetime and fill a book with memories of raising children.

–  Teens
So much life happens in the teen years. Preserve memories to share with children and grandchildren.

–  For mom or dad
Create a book of family memories and gift it to parents.

–  Relationships
Capture love stories, no matter how long the couple has been together.

–  Weddings
Create a unique guest book and a one-of-a-kind keepsake to commemorate the special day.

–  Special journeys
Tell the stories of travels far and wide.

–  In loving memory
Commemorate a lost loved one’s life.


To learn more about Meminto Stories, visit the company’s website or reach out to connect on social media at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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