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May 17 21:21 2022
The Kids Spot Shop has launched a campaign to help new moms understand how they can get more sleep.

The Kids Spot Shop ( which says they will not be beaten on price understand how tired new moms can get raising a new baby. That is why they have put together some tips to help new moms understand how they can improve their sleep patterns and feel less run down due to lack of sleep.

Each year more than 3,605,201 babies are born. Becoming a new parent is a magical experience, but as the online store that has become a one-stop-shop for parents has said it can also be stressful. The online store that helps save parents money has said that 13% of new parents suffer from Sleep Deprivation. According to a report, a new mom manages to sleep between 5 and 6 hours. Medical experts have said people need on average need 7 to nine hours of sleep to function properly and avoid serious health problems.

The lack of sleep can cause serious problems for new moms. It can result in parents suffering from stress, not concentrating properly, and can result in serious accidents. That is why The Kids Spot Shop which recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices has put some tips together to help new moms have more sleep.

One important way new moms can get more sleep is by using the White Noise USB Machine ( which is priced at just $34.99. It helps to block outside white noise to allow a new mom to sleep right through instead of being disturbed by outside noises.

Here are some tips from the team at Kids Spot Shop to help new moms get more sleep

Avoid screen time before bed

Medical experts advise new moms and all people who have trouble sleeping to avoid TV, phones, or computer devices before they plan to go to sleep. The sleep pattern can be interfered with by the blue and green light that digital and electronic devices emit.

Create a relaxing bedtime routine

New moms need to relax before going to bed. They need to learn how to remove the stress and the worries that they may have from the day’s activities. A great way to relax is by having a nice relaxing bath before going to bed. It helps to clear the mind and allows a new mom to get more sleep.

Try sleeping when the baby is asleep

A good way to catch up on sleep is to sleep when the baby is sleeping. This allows the mom to catch up with any missed sleep they may have. New moms must stay strong and have as much sleep as possible to function properly.

These are just some tips to help new moms get more sleep. The online store has lots of great parenting accessories to help new moms and they also have great relaxing accessories such as the Intelligent Neck Massager (, which is priced at just $69.99

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