ISU Corp Wins Best Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company

May 17 20:33 2022
ISU Corp Wins Best Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company
It’s 2022, the year of new growth. ISU Corp, an industry-leading software company is taking leaps and bounds in their field to bring innovative solutions to the world. So much so that for the second year in a row they have won the Global 100’s title for “Best Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company.”

Global 100 is an internationally recognized publication with readers in over 163 countries. Every year they have their readers vote and a judging panel review the results of multiple prestigious titles to forecast and showcase the best of the best. Every company nominated goes through a rigorous analysis to ensure the top quality of its contenders. ISU Corp has now found itself on this list twice!

About ISU Corp

ISU Corp is an inventive software company that offers custom software as a service. By focusing on increasing its clients’ net profits with its revolutionary cloud platform, the ISU Core, they can have a solution up and running in just days. This saves their clients time and money!

With a team of specially selected IT professionals, ISU Corp can solve any problem a business might face with its operations. They can achieve this by integrating their clients’ current systems, expediting the transitioning period. ISU Corp’s team works together to bring world-class innovation to a wide variety of businesses. Through collaborative work, ISU Corp can ensure savings of up to $200,000 for businesses that use the ISU Core, maximizing profit and satisfaction! 

How did they overcome challenges from the pandemic?

During what has been an intense few years for businesses, ISU Corp was able to flourish due to its forward-thinking processes of being fully online from the beginning. Since the company was founded in 2006, they had adopted the “work from home” method way before the pandemic. It was this alongside their strength and expert skill that allowed them to continue doing what they do best; bring innovative solutions to their clients, enabling them to 10X their profits.

“What does it take to be innovative? In a world full of information, you just have to know how to find it and how to use it. At ISU Corp, we are experts at using the data to create solutions that bring about change in a great way!” – David Mansilla, Visionary at ISU Corp

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Contact Person: David Mansilla
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Phone: 1-877-496-4312
Country: Canada

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