How an Ancient Breathing Technique Helped Travis Barker Overcome His Paralyzing Fear of Flying

January 24 20:03 2022

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, pop-rock sensation Travis Barker flew for the first time since 2008. He spent 13 years avoiding air travel after a tragic airplane crash left him with third-degree burns over 65 percent of his body — and took the lives of two friends and both pilots. The traumatic experience altered the course of his life, eliminating air travel as an option for him regardless of the professional or personal need.

While many who follow celebrity news attribute his first flight in 13 years to reality TV darling and girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, there’s more to the story…

For more than a year prior to the flight, Travis was working with an alternative therapy known as Owaken Breathwork under the guidance of his friend, Lukis Mac. He says the method helped him release emotions and trauma related to the plane crash and prepare himself mentally for the experience of flying again.

Above: Travis Barker & Lukis Mac

The evening prior to his first flight in 13 years, Travis called Lukis for a private session along with Kourtney in preparation for the next day. The simple act of mindful inhalation and exhalation helped Travis dive deep into his subconscious in order to conquer his fear, which he did the very next day. In an interview with Nylon magazine, he even called the 2-hour flight “the easiest ever” and said it left him with a euphoric high and feeling “awesome” after the experience.

Above: Lukis Mac & Travis Barker

“It was an incredible feeling to help Travis overcome his fear and teach him the power of Owaken breathwork,” said Mac. “For 13 years, he accepted his fear as something he needed to live with, thereby limiting his life experiences and career opportunities as a result of the immense trauma he experienced. I shared some of my favorite visualisation and breathwork techniques with him and through his commitment to his healing, he’s conquered his fear and can now move onto the next exciting chapter with Kourtney, which means anxiety-free worldwide travel and enjoying life even more fully.”

Owaken Breathwork, the practice which helped Travis reach into his subconscious and overcome his fear, is a form of connected breathing that can help individuals achieve psychedelic-level discovery that most are unaware is even possible. Lukis Mac and his partner Helle Weston are the founders of Owaken and together, they have popularised Breathwork amongst millennials around the globe.

Scientific studies have proven that breathing techniques can reduce anxiety by stimulating the nervous system, regulating the stress response and causing a change in brainwave patterns to allow for more creative thinking and emotional release. It’s best explained by relating the process to the physical symptoms experienced when an individual feels stressed — their breathing becomes sharp and shallow, their mind becomes unfocused, and the body tenses. By consciously controlling their breathing, they can counteract this reaction and tap into a part of the mind and body that functions outside of daily awareness. It not only alleviates the physical side effects of stress, but offers mental and emotional balance as well.

Following his courageous choice to fly again, Travis has been seen on romantic adventures with Kourtney in Mexico, Italy, France and more. 

He continues practicing Owaken Breathwork and recently tweeted “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

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