Euromoney Report: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co kept the first place, and Lehman Capital became the dark horse of the year

January 05 15:15 2022

Recently, Euromoney released an annual survey to comprehensively rank the current mainstream liquidity suppliers according to the data of transaction volume, customer satisfaction and other aspects.

On the basis of the survey results, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co has maintained a leading position in transaction volume for the third consecutive year in terms of market share, and with a market share of 10.78%;

UBS ranked the second place in the survey, with a market share of 8.13%;

XTX Markets ranked the third place, with a market share of 7.58%;

Deutsche Bank ranked the fourth place, with a market share of 7.38%;

Citibank ranked the fifth place, with its market share falling to 5.50%, and the company has won “EM Monetary Capacity (Consolidation)”, a new category of CSAT elements.

In terms of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ranking: State Street Group returned to the first place in the market. However, in the respect of market share, this American financial services company ranked the fourth place, with a market share of 4.61%.

Lehman Capital: the biggest dark horse in the market this year

According to the results of this survey, the ranking progress of Lehman Capital is the most obvious, jumping from the 30th of the former survey to the 15th this time.

In addition, Lehman Capital ranked the first place in the sales volume of CFD according to the sub index ranking.

Meanwhile, according to the survey of Euromoney, Lehman Capital won the Best Progress Award in CSAT.

Euromoney magazine is subordinate to the European Monetary Union. It was established in May 1969. Its main service objects face to the international capital market. It has 150,000 readers in 120 countries and enjoys high popularity and authority in the world economic and financial industry. The Eurocurrency survey is the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative annual study in the market. This survey is the 42nd annual liquidity consumption survey of the global market conducted by Euromoney.

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