Sin Veng Yu Coffee Company: A Cambodian Coffee Venture, 59 Years Old and Still Counting

December 07 18:54 2021
Sin Veng Yu Coffee Company: A Cambodian Coffee Venture, 59 Years Old and Still Counting

Serving natural Cambodian coffees for more than fifty years, Sin Veng Yu Coffee Company is proud of its rich history. Established in 1968, Sin Veng Yu Coffee has a prosperous coffee estate to its name, specializes within the coffee industry, and is acknowledged both nationally and internationally for its expertise. 

What makes Sin Veng Yu Coffee Company so different within the market is their unique business canvas, tackling through the market roasting all of their coffees with Probatone, a vintage and prestigious coffee roaster, owning a whopping total of 5 Probat machines (Probatone 5, Probatone 12 and three Probatone 25). Therefore, each batch are roasted uniquely for each individual customer with consistent quality served on a daily basis throughout all of its stores.

“As an entity, we thrive to not only sell our products but to be ethically aware of our impact towards the Cambodian society. Behind all of our products, we stand strong against our social purpose – which is to educate the whole Cambodian community to go organic and choosing the right and healthy product which in this case, the organic coffees”, said the Operations Manager of the coffee company.

“We ran a national campaign to show the coffee community here such vital difference between natural and artificial coffee. This raised such hefty awareness among the Cambodian society about coffee – where coffee drinkers began to realize how artificial coffee can be a huge threat for their health if they keep consuming artificial coffee. It’s because of the low cost of artificial coffee that forced these drinkers to continually drink artificial coffee – assuming that coffee is just a black-coloured drink. But this national campaign was a crucial turning point not only for the Cambodian society, but as a nation”, continued the Operations Manager of the company.

Besides all of the above, Sin Veng Yu Coffee Company is the only coffee company that exclusively purchases all coffees from Mondulkiri and Pailin province. Contracted with all of the farmers within these provinces.

“With many other brands claiming to sell Mondulkiri and Pailin coffees within the market – Many of our competitors tried to take advantage of this but what makes our company stand out is that we exclusively buy all coffees from these provinces and it’s critical that our consumers deserve the right products despite of how there are many businesses out there trying to take advantage from our name”, said the official of the company.

Fifty-three successful years in a business is a long time, and it looks like Sin Veng Yu Coffee is here to stay for a longer time to come.

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Contact Person: Theang Nat
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Address:#3E0, Street 217, Sangkat Phsar Thmey 2
City: Khan Duan Penh
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