Crypt2 Creates The First-Of-Its-Kind NFT Fruit Fashion Models

September 23 21:54 2021
NFT fashion and lifestyle brand, Crypt2, announces the creation of 60,000 NFT fruit fashion models, the first fashion-related assets tied to a physical clothing line

Crypt2 has again achieved another landmark feat following the release of 60,000 NFT Fruit Fashion Models. The move is unprecedented in the global NFT market, as the models are the first fashion-related assets tied to a physical clothing line. The NFTs will undoubtedly chart a new course in the fast-emerging market, as the brand continues in the pursuit of bringing as many people as possible into the digital assets economy.

The global NFT market has been described by many as the next big thing in the digital economy, with experts seeing the concept as disruptor and one of the greatest things in the world of digital currency and blockchain. The market has witnessed an incredible increase in popularity and acceptance in a relatively short while, with the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market surging to new highs in the second quarter of 2021 as reported by Reuters. The report revealed that over $2.5 billion worth of NFTs were sold as of the second quarter of 2021, compared to the $13.7 million in the first half of 2020. Despite the increasing popularity of NFTs across different industries, the fashion world has not particularly joined the campaign, which is where Crypt2 is looking to make a difference with the recently launched NFT Fruit Fashion Models.

The Crypt2 Fruit Models are one of the first examples of a “Non-Fungible Token” on Ethereum, allowing collectors to unlock exclusive benefits, offers, and discounts via the Crypt2 online store. The project offers 60,000 unique collectible fruit models available for purchase from In a related development, 2000 Crypt2’s will be airdropped to claimers via Zloadr NFT Wallet.

In line with the goal of bringing NFTs to as many people as possible, the team at Crypt2 has announced plans to open physical locations worldwide, allowing owners to pick up new items at discounted rates from nearby stores and attend carefully crafted entertainment events and snack at Crypt2 cafes.

For more information about the NFT Fruit Fashion Models and other projects from Crypt2, visit – Crypt2 can also be found across several social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

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