Stealth Tech Lab Introduces Smart Bags with AI Camera

July 14 13:27 2021
Stylish backpacks with built-in trackers connected to a dedicated app ideal for commuters for added safety.

Safety is a primary concern for anyone when commuting or alone at night in a public area. Developing a stylish and innovative bag that can provide some protection to vulnerable individuals is the main inspiration for smart bags maker Stealth Tech Lab. The company will soon launch the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) camera-equipped smart bag that is capable of video recording and live streaming through a dedicated app. The AI camera has LED lights for clearer nighttime recording. It also has an anti-theft alarm and a built-in tracker that sends the user’s location to family and friends.

Developed by German innovators Professor Oliver Hayden and Alinda Amon, this cutting-edge product has the ability to alert the owner of an imminent attack through its AI camera and built-in algorithms. GPS tracking is also available for each valuable item inside the bag as a customization option.

Made from carbon fiber and inspired by fashionable designs, Stealth smart bags come in five different trendy styles that suit every taste and need. The backpack style has two sizes – 40 liters and 25 liters capacity – with the AI camera strategically located so the user can see from behind his back any potential danger. The other styles are the 60-liter duffel bag, nine-liter sling bag, and toiletry bag. All the bags feature a waterproof zipper that opens up to a full 180-degrees for easier loading and unloading. Moreover, Stealth smart bags are Wi-Fi capable and include a 10,000-mAh-power bank that can charge mobile devices on the go.

The Stealth Tech Lab smart bags project was made possible through crowdfunding. The smart bags will be ready for shipment to all interested patrons that supported the project via Indiegogo.

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Stealth Tech Lab is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced products with artificial intelligence features.

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