Equal Strategy Launches Chinese New Year Signature Scent and Diffuser for Moo Moo Park – Asia’s first drive-through exhibition Ambient Sanitisation and Customised Fragrances available for events

March 25 21:54 2021

SINGAPORE – March 25, 2021 – Equal Strategy, a leading sensory branding consultancy based in Singapore has launched a unique and exclusive scent “Mandarin Moo-ments” for Chinese New Year-themed exhibition, Moo Moo Park. Moo Moo Park is Asia’s first drive-through exhibition featuring interactive and immersive technologies, electric vehicles, and artists’ works which have transformed digital drawings to 3D installation art, selfie filters and augmented reality murals.

Moo Moo Park, which takes place from 22 January to 28 March 2021 is organised by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), in partnership with The MeshMinds Foundation. The exhibition has turned the Centre’s carpark into an immersive art experience that spotlights Chinese New Year, inspired by the Year of the Ox. Featuring the works of eight local artists, visitors will learn about the ox’s cultural significance, through the innovative use of visual arts and AR technology.

Keeping Visitors Safe with Airborne Sanitisation

The “Mandarin Moo-Ments” scent, available as a reed diffuser and as a car diffuser, features Lemon, Mandarin tea, Orange blossom, Plum, Guaiacwood, and more.

Alongside the signature scent, visitors to Moo Moo Park are kept safe with Equal Strategy’s Eco Pure Room – an innovative, odour-free airborne sanitiser. Located in the rear of each electric vehicle at Moo Moo Park, Eco Pure Room protects visitors with its world-leading, ‘always on’, airborne sanitising technology to eradicate germs and viruses, including COVID-19.

Using NEA (National Environment Agency) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved ingredients, Eco Pure Room’s formula is recognised as safe and effective for visitors.

Uniquely Positioned for the Future of Events

The scent collaboration with Moo Moo Park showcases Equal Strategy’s expertise with real-time airborne sanitisation and bespoke customised fragrances for its clients. 

“Singapore is gradually restarting its event industry, and organisers are looking for effective and affordable methods to keep their visitors safe and event spaces, free of airborne and surface spread germs and coronaviruses.  Eco Pure Room is eco friendly, food contact safe,and when continually diffused kills coronaviruses within minutes of contact., including COVID-19.  Layering the air treatment with a beautiful scent, transforms the experience, and enables organisers to deliver a truly memorable experience for brands,” said Simon Faure-Field, CEO of Equal Strategy.

Equal Strategy’s Eco Pure Room complements venues’ cleanliness measures by killing airborne viruses and sanitising the surfaces it falls on, with a residual kill lasting several days.

Equal Strategy’s Eco Pure Room complements venues’ cleanliness measures by killing airborne viruses and sanitising the surfaces it falls on, with a residual kill lasting several days.


For over 23 years, Equal Strategy has created experiences for some of the world’s most progressive brands adding new dimensions to the way they connect with their customers by taking a unique multi-disciplinary approach. Its unique techniques and innovative delivery methods using the scientifically-proven application of scent and music have been adopted by some of the most forward-thinking brands around the world, enhancing the overall customer experience and encouraging customers to stay longer and buy more.

Equal Strategy is trusted by over 400 hospitality, retail, corporate and government clients in 15 countries. Equal Strategy’s proprietary libraries of 70 million music tracks and are continuously updated with fresh sounds for commercial environments.

For more information, visit equalstrategy.com

To keep businesses safe, open, and minimise airborne and surface spread germs and coronavirus, visit ecopureroom.com 

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Company Name: Equal Strategy
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Media Contact
Company Name: Equal Strategy
Contact Person: Simon Faure-Field
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Country: Singapore
Website: equalstrategy.com

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