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March 25 20:36 2021

Relationships Matter. Both the relationship you have with your Creator and the one with your partner. They are critical pieces of who you are and help to define you in every way.

The mere fact that we were born as individuals, makes us different. Do not let your differences separate you. Let them unite you, let them compliment you. When viewed in the correct light, they can make your relationships stronger.

Better One Better Two can help to do just that. Their slogan and mantra, A Better Person is a Better Partner,” guides their coaching and counseling activities. They have set out to work with both couples and families that want to reap the benefits of commitment and marriage. The Principals are living proof that a Marriage is much more than love, it requires serious commitment. It’s the level of commitment that one partner has for the other that will pull them through the hard times. Each of us are dynamic by nature and evolve over time. It is said that every ten years, we evolve. Our perspective changes as we grow older and have different experiences. This also includes how we view each other in relationships. It is our commitment to each other and willingness to adapt and continue to care for each other that will keep our relationships healthy.

Too often, at the first sign of variance, couples head down the road of divorce. Better One Better Two intends to impact the high divorce rate through Premarital education, Marriage Coaching, Writing and Speaking Engagements.

The Principals Dr. Ken and Myra McKnight will readily admit they are not a perfect couple but, each day they put in the work necessary to keep the relationship alive and well. “ It is important that as a couple we keep the outside elements out, in order to keep our relationship growing in a healthy space”.

They encourage partners to focus on each other and try to discover each other’s love languages and appreciate them. “Don’t be afraid to listen, communicate and encourage   each other and have fun with each other. Laugh, get silly, be playful, be spontaneous, intimate and show your partner you want to be with them”.

The folks at Better One Better Two have over Fifteen Years of experience of meeting with and guiding couples from all over the country, to happier relationships. They openly discourage trying to lay blame at each other’s feet. Instead, they encourage the commitment of ownership, love and respect for your partner. They have seen over thousands of men and women that cut across every strata of society with a remarkably high success rate!

They are both very highly qualified generally and specifically in this field of endeavor. They are Master Life/Relationship Coaches, Certified Facilitator and Seminar Directors, Certified Marriage Educator, Certified Family Life Educator and are graduates of the National marriage Center and the National Premarital Institute.

Give them a call today and book the appointment that will change your life and your relationship. Make that bold step that will secure your happiness and set the tone for a more meaningful existence. Your partner will thank you for it.

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