Sixty-Nine-Year-Old New Zealander Striving to Fulfill Mother’s Last Words Through Free Online Motivational Programme

March 25 20:24 2021
Keith Lightfoot launched the SPEED Project in April 2020 in an effort to inspire people during the pandemic. To date he has created more than 330 episodes that have touched the lives of people around the world.

NEW ZEALAND – 25 Mar, 2021 – “Don’t die with your dreams inside you!” Those are the words fueling 69-year-old New Zealander, Keith Lightfoot, to maintain his SPEED (Short Powerful Episodes of Enthusiasm and Determination) project every day.

Keith Lightfoot is a speaker, author, songwriter, and teacher who is passionate about helping people. At the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in April, he took on the challenge to record and upload motivational messages every single day to inspire those who were struggling to deal with psychosocial and financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I was looking for a way to uplift and inspire people during Covid,” said Lightfoot. “Once the positive feedback began to come in, there was no way I could stop. It has morphed into a beautiful long-term commitment.”

Despite being almost 69 years old and often exhausted from motivational speaking and teaching, Lightfoot rises early to begin his daily task of editing and uploading another free episode of SPEED. To date, SPEED has surpassed 320 episodes- representing over 660 hours work.

Photo celebrating the 100th Episode

But there is nothing hurried about SPEED. Although short, Lightfoot gets to the point with clarity through thought provoking stories that challenge the listener to examine and transform their mindset and life.

Asked about the response to the project, Lightfoot said: “The comments and private messages are extremely humbling.  I frequently get messages from people telling me it is now an important part of their daily family ritual and/or their business motivation”.

One SPEED fan expressed the dynamic impact, Lightfoot’s programme has had on her life. He said: “I don’t know who you are, but your stories have touched me at a time when I had run out of hope.”

SPEED videos are uploaded individually onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube every day. Business organisations are also posting the inspirational videos to their internal Facebook pages to motivate their teams.

But that’s not all. Keith also extracts the audio and uploads it to Spotify, Google and other PODCAST platforms, and CaveFM Radio Station plays the SPEED messages to uplift the local community.

Commenting on his vision for the project, Lightfoot said: “My dream would be to get Jacinda Arden to promote the videos.” “I know she is very passionate about helping the people of New Zealand.”

In the meantime, Keith continues to work towards fulfilling his promise to his mother, Mary, whose last words to him were “Don’t die with your dreams inside you!”

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Keith is a speaker, author, songwriter, and teacher. He lives in a tiny village in New Zealand with his beautiful wife Andrea. Keith says, “Unlike many speakers, I am not enabling people to build wealth. I am enabling people to feel worthy and capable”.

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